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This page covers geostates and how to deal with them in TSR Workshop.



Geostate Case Example

Geostates are used to display custom ranges of mesh data in the game. A good example are bookcases in the game which fill up with books depending how many are virtually included in them.

Assigning Geostates in TSR Workshop

Visible Geostate

Dropdown Menu

In the Mesh tab you can use the dropdown menu on the original EA mesh to figure out which mesh parts are visible with each geostate.

Face Selector Editor

Face Selector
  • Mesh tab → Group [X]→ Geostate [Hash] → File:OpenEditorButton.jpg

Assigning Faces to Geostates

With Click'n'pick, Freehand and Basic square you have different selection tools on your hand for the 3D viewport. Tick Ignore backfaces if you only want to select visible faces.

Deselect Faces

With holding down SHIFT you can deselect faces.

Click on Clear to deselect everything (or use the arrow to Select All)

View Controls

  • ALT + Left Mouse Button (Pan)
  • CTRL + Left Mouse Button (Rotate)
  • Right Mouse Button (Zoom)

After you selected everything you wanted, click Done to save the changes.

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