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Gardening Skill

Gardening is one of those Skills that is just down right cool. You can turn your backyard into a virtual paradise of Fruits and Vegetables. It’s a great Skill for those who love the outdoors or have the Green Thumb Trait. Your Sim needs seeds to grow harvestable plants but not all seeds are easy to grow into successful plants. Sims can find seeds all over the town by just looking or harvesting the trees at the park. Some seeds can also be bought at the Market. Finding seeds takes some searching and everyday the seeds can be found in different locations.

The better care that you give your garden the better plants you produce and in turn the better the harvest. To raise harvestable plants that produce, you must continually plant and get rid of poorly looking plants. The interaction Harvest allows you to plug the nice ripe fruit and veggies from the pant and places them in your inventory. You can put them in the fridge to cook with, plant as seeds, or just eat. Remember though, once placed in the fridge they can spoil and will have to be disposed of, so either eat them or cook with them in a timely manner. The more you plant and the more the Skill grows the better your harvest becomes.


  • Level 2 Your sim can pull the weeds that have grown around your plant, assuring that your plant stays healthy. It takes less time to pull weeds when your gardening skill is higher.
  • Level 3 Fertilizing your plant is the key to growing good plants, you can use fish or vegetables as fertilizer. The type of fertilizer does not matter, the quality however does.
  • Level 5 At level 5 you can plant uncommon or rare seeds that your sim has found in the wild.
  • Level 6This benefit is only for green thumb sims, with this interaction you have a higher success rate of reviving a dying plant.
  • Level 7 At level 7 you can plant rare seeds that your sim has found in the wild.
  • Levels 8,9, and 10 At each level you get a special opportunity, once all three opportunities are completed your sim gets Omni Plant Seeds. Omni plants grow into any plant that you want, to grow a lime tree, you give them limes as fertilizer, apple tree an apple. etc You can order more Omni Plant Seeds in the mail.


Fertilizers and effectiveness

Igredient Effectiveness Ingredient Effetiveness
Burger Patty1Goldish1
Egg1Alley Catfish1
Lettuce1Rainbow Trout2
Lime1Black Gldfish4
Watermelon2Red Herring5
Steak3Tragic Clownfish5
Bell Pepper3Siamese Catfish5
Flame Fruit3Blowfish5
Life Fruit4Shark6
Vampire Fish7DeathfishKills Plants

Skill Challenges

  • Master Planter - Master Planters must plant every type of plant available. Once the varieties are mastered you are able to reduce weed growth significantly.
  • Botanical Boss - Botanical Bosses must have at least 75 perfect fruits and vegetables. Their plants almost never die of neglect.
  • Master Farmer - Master Farmers have harvested at least 650 fruits and vegetables. This Sims plants remain watered and fertilized longer making their gardens more efficient.


  • Once you have unlocked the Flame Fruit you can order more omni seeds through the mail
  • If you happen to grow a money tree, take good care of it. If you don’t, it will explode into Bills. This plant takes a lot of maintenance.
  • To plant your seeds, go to your inventory, click on the seed and press plant. You then put the “seed” on the part of the ground you want it planted.
  • Watering takes time, install a sprinkle which you can find in the outdoor section of the Buy Mode.
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