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This page describes the Foliage Tool and how to use it.

Landscaping Needs

Foliage Tool

The Goldcrest
Creative landscaping can really make a difference in a lot.

Here we have Senemm's lovely lot, The Goldcrest. Look at the difference without all the rocks and flowers and trees. It is still a lovely house, but it now looks much plainer than it is.

The Goldcrest without landscaping.
Enhancing your home with good landscaping will improve your home's looks quite a bit. To begin your landscaping, click on the Foliage Tool and select one of the four options below. Click on the desired item and place on the ground (or in a pond if allowed).

None of the foliage items can be recolored at present.

To get a good idea of some of the foliage possibilities, look at some of your favorite lots made by custom content creators. They will give you ideas of some of the best ways to landscape your lots.

Foliage Options

File:FoliageTrees.jpgTrees There is a wide selection of trees from big towering ones to thin little ones.
File:FoliageShrubs.jpgShrubs Somewhere between trees and flowers lie shrubs. Great for defining a pathway or border.
File:FoliageFlowers.jpgFlowers Can you ever have too many flowers? Flowers seem to make everything prettier. Everything from little square flower patches to almost shrubs.
File:FoliageRocks.jpgRocks Rocks can add some great beauty to your homes.
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