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This page covers the Floor Tool and how to use it.


Floor Tool

Giving your floor a special look is easy with the Floor Tool. To apply a floor, click on the Floor Tool and choose either the Change Single Tile option or the Change All Similar Tile option. Select the floor tile you want and apply it to the floor by clicking on one tile or dragging it across an area.

Floor Categories

Floors are divided into the following categories:

File:Floor-Carpet.jpg Carpet File:Floor-Masonry.jpg Masonry
File:Floor-Tile.jpg Tile File:Floor-Wood.jpg Wood
File:Floor-Stone.jpg Stone File:Floors-Miscellaneous.jpg Miscellaneous
File:Floors-Metal.jpg Metal File:Floors-All.jpg All
File:Floors-Linoleum.jpg Linoleum

Rotate Floor Tiles

To rotate a floor tile in 90 degree increments, place the tile on the floor and click on the period or comma (< or >). Once one tile is rotated the rest will follow until you rotate again.

Think Outside the Box

Don't limit yourself to one pattern per room.
Sometimes a single floor design is all you need to make a room look great. But other times a room could use something extra. Don't limit yourself to a one-room, one-floor mentality. Think outside the box by combining several different floor tiles to achieve a unique design.
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