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Fishing Skill

This Skill is familiar to those that earned that nice Gold Badge in TS2. But the Difference in The Sims 3 is the water. It has got to be one of the best animations, aside from plants, that the Sims 3 team created. Jumping Fish tell you which waters are teaming with the best. There is also an interaction that asks you to “Test the waters” which will tell you the prospects of catching Fish in that particular spot.

Once you catch a fish, it is automatically logged in your journal with weight and length. Fishing can help keep food on the table for less and a Sim with good cooking skills can do much with a fresh caught fish. Each fish has a favorite type of Bait. You can learn what fish like which bait by experimenting with different types of Bait. Obviously as your Skill increases, so will the quality of your catch.

Fish bait can be purchased at the grocery store or grown at home. Some fish need to be caught first in order to use as bait for bigger fish. The higher the quality of the bait, the larger the caught fish will be. Once caught, fish can be used in cooking meals, as plant fertilizer, as bait or better still given a name and kept in a fishbowl at home! You can also mail your fish off to be mounted on a board so that you can hang it in your home. It will come back by return mail the next day.

For a detailed list of all of the fish, what they look like in bowls and on the wall as well what you need to catch them, check out the Fish Guide.


With No Skill you can catch Commonly caught Minnows and Anchovy.

  • Level 1 Can Catch Commonly caught Goldfish, Uncommonly caught Alley Catfish.
  • Level 2 Can Catch Commonly caught Jellyfish and Commonly caught Rainbow Trout.
  • Level 3 Can Catch Commonly caught Red Herring and Commonly caught Tuna.
  • Level 4 Can Catch Uncommonly caught Piranha and Uncommonly caught Tragic Clownfish.
  • Level 5 Can Catch Commonly caught Siamese Catfish and Uncommonly caught Blowfish.
  • Level 6 Can Catch Commonly caught Salmon and Commonly caught Black Goldfish..
  • Level 7 Can Catch Uncommonly caught Shark and Commonly caught Swordfish
  • Level 8 Can Catch Uncommonly caught Angelfish and Rarely caught Vampire Fish.
  • Level 9 Can Catch Rarely caught Robot Fish and Commonly caught Lobster.
  • Level 10 Can Catch Rarely Caught Deathfish.


Location you can catch them and Bait Preferred

Type Place Preferred Bait
MinnowLakes and OceansApple
Anchovy Ocean Tomato
Alley CatfishLakes and OceansCheese
Rainbow TroutLakesEgg
Red HerringLakes and OceansHot Dogs
Tragic ClownfishLakes and OceanBell Pepper
Siamese CatfishLakes and OceanMinnow
Black GoldfishLakesGoldfish
SharkLakes and OceanRed Herring
AngelfishLakes and OceanAlley Catfish
Vampire FishLakes and OceanGarlic
Robot FishScience FacilityPiranha
LobsterLakes and OceanTuna

World Adventures Fish

Type Location Preferred Bait
Mummy FishEgyptPomegranate
CrocodileEgyptSiamese Catfish
FrogsFranceCherimola Blan Grape
SnailsFranceRenoit Grape
Dragon FishChinaTancho Koi
Doitsu KoiChinaPomelo
Kawarimono KoiChinaPlum
Ochiba KoiChinaPomelo
Tancho KoiChinaPlum

Late Night Fish

Type Place Preferred Bait
Kissing GouramiSaltwater & FreshwaterGoldfish
Sewer TrilobiteSaltwater & FreshwaterMinnow
Sea SludgeSaltwater & FreshwaterLinks (Hot Dogs)

Skill Challenges

  • Amateur Ichthyologist - Amateur Ichthyologists have caught at least one of every fish type. With this skill they are more likely to catch bigger fish.
  • Commercial Fisherman - Commercial Fishermen have caught at least 350 Fish. They have an easier time catching fish in less time.


  • The Deathfish can only be caught between 12AM and 5AM and only on the graveyard.
  • The Easily bored, Hates Outdoors, or Clumsy trait dampen the ability to catch fish.
  • You can make quite a bit of cash selling "Sea Kittens" at the local market.
  • Once you reach Level 10 you can catch any fish with any bait.

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