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This page describes the Fireplace Tool and how to use it.



Fireplace Tool

To add a fireplace, select the Fireplace Tool and place the fireplace on a wall. Fireplaces come in 2, 4 or 8 tile sizes. See Fireplaces in the Object Catalog for a complete list.

Fireplace Options

Fireplaces with part of chimney inside.

Fireplaces can be placed against a wall with part of the chimney showing inside or not showing if the design allows. Most fireplaces have some recolorable parts.

Fireplaces with all of chimney outside.

Fireplaces can be placed on horizontal walls as well as regular ones. When placing a fireplace, make sure your Sims have adequate room to get around it without causing a traffic problem.

Fireplace Deco

Fireplace Tools
There is currently one deco item, a set of fireplace tools, to go with the fireplace. At the moment the only color you can use is black. Expect custom content to appear to change this before long.
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