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This page covers the Fence Tool and how to use it.

Creating A Fence

Well the old White Picket fence. We all dream of it in Real Life, nice country home, summer breezes. Well with our Sims we can build that dream home and the fences this time around are full of variety! All sorts of fences are included including garden edging, high fences, brick and stone fences, and… bushes. Yes this time around the creators included non-trimming bushes in the fencing area.

The Fence Tool

Different fences
This is your Fence Tool. As you can see on the tool you have 2 options, a tool that looks like an L shape and a box looking tool. The L shaped tool allows you to run straight and diagonal fencing around your lot, whereas the box looking tool allows you to fence in a boxed in space all at once.

Fences can be used for a variety of purposes. Create a perfect hedging, fence in your backyard for privacy, decorate your plant edging, or just have a nice decorative border around your lot. Fencing is priced from §5.00 to §165.00 per panel. The fence varieties that are low to the ground Sims can step over. For a list of available fences, see the Fences section of the Object Catalog.

Did you know

Some of the fences make lovely porch railings.

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