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Here is a complete list of all premade families in Appaloosa Plains

New Families

All 21 families in Appaloosa Plains are new. As the neighbourhood is about Pets many of the families have at least one pet. You will find all kinds of characters among them and you will have a fun time playing them. Presentation of the families from left to right on the 4 pictures below.

'Millions in Singles'-ton Family

Family info Lot info

The Singleton brothers are self-made millionaires, striking it rich by cashing in on the tech sector just before the dot com bubble burst. With lots of money and lots of free time, they decided toc head west - Midwest that is. They haven't exactly had a lot of success raising horses (but what city slicker does?), but they figure if they keep throwing enough money at it something will eventually click. Between Rodney's book smarts and Booker's charming looks, they're ultimately bound for success in anything they take on.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Family Funds: §50000
  • Family: Rodney, Booker and Glint 3.0 The Horse (not in familypic)

The Render Farm

301 Sweetapple Ridge Way

Rustic country living, but with all the modern conveniences can be found in this well appointed ranch. A three car (or truck) garage, sutom built pool, horse barn and a basement media room are among the features of this gentleman's country estate.

  • 2 Bedrooms, 2,5 Bathrooms
  • 40 x 50 lot size

Pelly Family

Family info Lot info

Imogen had it all - as a young beauty pageant star she was at home on the stage! The world grew up with her year after teenage year on the hit show, "As the PlumBob Turns". And she blossomed into adulthood with a breakout role in "Simsylvania", playing the love interest between two clans of werewolves, oceans apart in Transylvania and Pennsylvania. Alas, her world came crashing down around her as an unexpected pregnancy led to some unfortunately botched plastic surgery. As the heiress to the silver screen, she's remaining incognito in the countryside until all her problems blow over.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Family Funds: §12000
  • Family: Imogen and Pantoufle The Dog

Cliffside Haven

303 Sweetapple Ridge Way

Built from locally sourced materials to reflect a contemporary aesthetic, this sturdy house invites comments at the same time as itsmonolithic facade discourages uninvites guests. Heavy fieldstone walls keep the world and the snooping paparazzi at bay.

  • 1 Bedroom, 1,5 Bathrooms
  • 40 x 50 lot size

Pinkerton Family

Family info Lot info

Gavin Pinkerton is slowly adjusting to life in the country. As a long time plastic surgeon to the stars, business was booming in the glamorous city of Bridgeport. One small slip of the scalpel and a medical malpractice lawsuit later though, Gavin found himself desperate for a change of scenery. Being the town doctor in Appaloosa isn't quite the fast paced high pressure life he was used to, but perhaps the countryside has other charms to offer. For the time being though, he plans to lay low and hope his tarnished reputation doesn't catch up to him.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Family Funds: §6000
  • Family: Gavin

Metropole Manor

309 Sweetapple Ridge Way

This large dwelling has a loft livingroom/bedroom, two patio areas for barbeque parties and a large lap pool for those looking to stay fit. Main areas are all hardwood floors and furnishings have a modern flair. Owners can even enjoy sitting by the fire outside in the evenings.

  • 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom
  • 40 x 50 lot size

Parrott Family

Family info Lot info

Having moved to the mainland from Hawaii a few years back, the Parrott family seems like an exotic bunch to the country locals. Their troubles are effectively masked by their neighbors believing their mannerisms stem from cultural differences. Kanoa leads a busy life, routinely commuting to the city on business - and perhaps more. Jazlyn however appears to have become meek and downtrodden over the years; can she find the strength to take back her life and come into her own?

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Family Funds: §1200
  • Family: Kanoa, Jazlyn and Ethan

Place Royale

19441 Bob-o-Link Drive

For the decadent gardener, this home has a large atrium within the house and a roomy greenhouse in the back yard. Hardwood floors throughout and a Ranch Style kitchen add to its unique flair. The interior is spacious enough to include two living room areas, one casual and the other for formal occasions.

  • 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
  • 40 x 40 lot size

Unfettered with Feathers Household

Family info Lot info

This eclectic group has decided to pool money together to rent their own home on the range. They come from all walks of life... Benni is the southern belle with modern flair. Zac is the local bad boy - line cook by day and biker by night. Hailey is the typical girl next door who wants nothing more than a pup to call her own. Kenji is the junior archeologist who can't wait to get a closer look at the dinosaur dig on the edge of town. The one thing they all share is a love of animals, but the landlord has a very firm policy of no fur allowed. Until they can change his mind, it looks like they're stuck with a feathered friend?

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Family Funds: §1350
  • Family: Benni Hennessey, Zac Whipsnake, Hailey Shepherd, Kenji Midden

Clydesdale Ranch

19445 Bob-o-Link Drive

An open floor plan and a generous number of bedrooms make this newer ranch home a good choice for a family, or potentially a group of friends. Entertaining in this house is made easier with its large deck and light filled sunroom.

  • 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms
  • 40 x 30 lot size

Schmidt Family

Family info Lot info

Benjamin - handyman by day, eligible bachelor by night. He lives alone with his pup Ralston, but by no means is he lonely. The women of Appaloosa appreciate his skills and there's nothing subtle about the number of house calls he makes for "broken" appliances. Will he ever find a reason to settle down?

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Family Funds: §1650
  • Family: Benjamin and Ralston the Dog

Pinto Palazzo

19444 Bob-o-Link Drive

More spacious than expected for a one bedroom home, this house is caught mid-renovation. Although currently boasting an updated kitchen and a large new deck, the bathroom is charitably described as 'charmingly original' and the landscape remains 'full of potentioal'.

  • 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
  • 30 x 40 lot size

Marshall Family

Family info Lot info

The Marshalls are madly in love, have a beautiful home, and successful careers. What could go wrong? A glossy exterior hides their secret pain - try as they might they've been unable to have a child. Crib, toy box, and highchair sit unused, and so the Marshall's bide their time and mask their emotions by adopting all the pets they can handle. Puppies, kittens, foals - anything they can nurse and cherish, they welcome into their home. Will they one day be able to have the final addition that would make their family complete?

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Family Funds: §2800
  • Family: Felipe and Kim Marshall with 3 pets, BaBa, GooGoo and Oopsie-Daisy

Mesa View Farm

1813 Ednamary Way

An old fashioned farmhouse lovingly restored is the perfect place for a young couple hoping to build the foundations of a large family. In the meantime, the sizable barn and substantial yard can support a veritable menagerie of pets.

  • 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms
  • 50 x 40 lot size

Curley Family

Family info Lot info

"Dangnabbit, NO this land is not for sale!" - These are the first and last words any politician or businessman will hear when they pay Tate Curley a visit. As a descendant of one of the oldest settlers in town, Tate finds himself sitting on a prime piece of real estate right along Main Street. As outside pressure increased, Tate and Esme became introverted and guarded, building walls to keep unwanted visitors out. If someone could only find a way to break through their gruff exterior, a veritable encyclopedia of the town's history and stories of the old west await.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Family Funds: §7000
  • Family: Tate and Esme with Petunia the Cat (not in familypic)

Curley Copse

206 West Appaloosa Avenue

Homesteaded many years ago by the ancestor of the current residents, this was once the finest house in town. Of course it was also the only house in town. Downsides include a somewhat distressed building, and the land it sits on is significantly diminished in acreage from its original size. However, if you can resist political pressure to rezone for commercial construction, and you don't mind the bustling downtown noise, you'll have quite the hot property for quick access to everything the town has to offer.

  • 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
  • 20 x 38 lot size

Darnell Family

Family info Lot info

As a fresh face in the midwest, Honey is discovering a whole new meaning to country singing! This talented songbird hit a rut in writing her new album and thought some new scenery would break the block. Southern gentlemen and southern charm have inspired writers for generations, but life in Appaloosa Plains has taken on a style all its own. With things so good, will she become the town's newest permanent resident?

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Family Funds: §60000
  • Family: Honey and Skedaddle the Horse

The Painted Lady

1812 Ednamary Way

An ornate Victorian house on the edge of town exudes feminine charm. Strangely it is often the local male residents that find this home irresistible.

  • 1 Bedroom, 1,5 Bathrooms
  • 40 x 50 lot size

Bird Sisters Family

Family info Lot info

The Bird sisters always seem to be above the daily squabbles of the other townsfolk. Slightly aloof and ever mysterious, their charm and porcelain doll appearance earns them many eager suitors. Oriole's fascination with other's knick-knacks has landed her in trouble on numerous occasions, but Alouette's work at the local paper generally keeps the family's name clean. Can this odd couple continue their troublesome ways or will their luck eventually run out?

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Family Funds: §1000
  • Family: Alouette, Oriole and Minette the Cat


202 Horseshoe Loop

Named for the constant chirping heard from its feathered residents, this flea market decorated home exudes charm. Will it allow its residents to spread their wings or keep them in a gilded cage?

  • 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom
  • 40 x 50 lot size

Blackburn Family

Family info Lot info

If you ask Vera Blackburn about dog obedience she'll bluntly tell you, "There's no such thing as a bad dog, merely a bad owner." It's hard to argue with her approach when you find yourself cut off mid-sentence with a snap of her fingers and a fire in her eyes. The years haven't been kind to her complexion - some say the wrinkles were sealed in place from her harsh demeanor and ever present frown. Those who get to know her though will discover the love she has for her canine companions, and may pick up some useful tricks to use on their own pets along the way.

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Family Funds: §1400
  • Family: Vera with Ginger and Walter the Dogs

Cave Canem

68 Rachelle Lane

An open floor plan and a large fenced in yard make this house a veritable pooch palace. No misbehaving will be tolerated though so one wonders - should you beware of the dog or should the dog beware of the owner?

  • 1 Bedroom, 1,5 Bathrooms
  • 20 x 30 lot size

Chandra Family

Family info Lot info

Vallari is living the good life, unfettered by the rigors of such things as "responsibility", "basic decency", and "fiscal responsibility" - all those topics her mom used to nag her about. Well her mom isn't around now, and she's free to seek thrills and pursue hot fads as she blows through the family fortune. She thinks of her day job at the spa as simply a means to meet a wealthy and handsome client - preferably single.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Family Funds: §13000
  • Family: Vallari

Pergola House

72 Rachelle Lane

Large rooms make this house exceptionally spacious for a one bedroom home and the bathroom is equally roomy. Someone would have to accumulate quite a lot to make this place look cluttered - hoarders forewarned.

  • 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
  • 30 x 20 lot size

Sports, Spice, and Everything Nice Family

Family info Lot info

Barrington and Juanita fell madly in love in a whirlwind romance that swept through the town of Appaloosa like a twister speeding across the plains. Juanita was visiting home after her big win on the reality cooking competition Dishes to Delicacy, a show that takes minimum wage dishwashers and turns them into master chefs. She immediately caught the eye of Barrington, the high school coach turned administrator of Appaloosa's new world class stadium. These two rags to riches stories simply clicked, and with the expected pitter patter of tiny feet, it can't be too long before wedding bells chime throughout the town!

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Family Funds: §10000
  • Family: Barrington and Juanita

Playa Vista

73 Rachelle Lane

This beautiful modern home with an amazing view features a gourmet kitchen and a workout room adjacent to the bathroom. One supposes this room might just make a good nursery instead, should you be so inclined.

  • 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom
  • 30 x 30 lot size

Lionheart Family

Family info Lot info

The townsfolk give Ms. Lionheart a wide berth should they see her approaching. Not that there's a problem with her that anyone can pinpoint per se, but she is a little... shall we say... eccentric. With her colorful leopard print hat and garish feline apron, the local teens have dubbed her "Old Kitty", a name she'd no doubt give them a good drubbing for should it ever be said to her face. As the last remaining member of her family, she lives out her days with her four cats, and that's just the way she likes things.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Family Funds: §488
  • Family: Hetty with her Cats: Maria, Mothball, Pickles and Muffin


6 Floodplain Lane

Set somewhat apart from its neighbours, this once elegant Victorian graces the river's edge with a haunting reminder of days gone by. If you plan to restore this home, beware of feline vengeance - and musk!

  • 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
  • 30 x 30 lot size

Martingale Family

Family info Lot info

Sofia felt trapped for years - trapped in a loveless marriage, and trapped in the concrete jungle of the city. She made the decision to take her life back by kicking her husband to the curb, and uprooting her moody teenage son for a fresh start in the country. Flush with cash from the divorce, she purchased a horse to help charm to posh country crowd. Now that she's a cougar on the prowl, will young Cruz be able to adjust to his new family and make friends in a brand new town?

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Family Funds: §5000
  • Family: Cruz, Sofia and Marney the Horse


190 Horseshoe Loop

This modern two bedroom includes a barn for potential horse owners, a beautiful stone fireplace, Mission style kitchen cabinetry and a spacious diningroom. It's the perfect house for any new home owner. Glass facades enhance the feeling of an open floor plan. A lap pool with spacious stonedeck make barbeque parties a great event.

  • 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom
  • 50 x 50 lot size

Country Cowpokes Household

Family info Lot info

Chuck Hobble has had enough of scrambling to book gigs and spending every night in a different dusty motel room. Bumps, lumps, thrills and spills have all contributed to the aches in his bones. Nobody said the life of a rodeo cowboy would be easy, but settling down as a minor celebrity in a town like Appaloosa has its perks. He moved in with his long time friend Johnny, a Country songwriter who shares the pains of losing a family due to a life on the road. When they aren't busy swapping stories of groupies, they tend to their horses in their now peaceful existence.

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Family Funds: §23000
  • Family: Chuck Hobble, Johnny Johnson and 2 Horses: Shadow Hobble, Freebird Johnson

The Rancheroo

192 Horseshoe Loop

This house features a horse arena and accompanying barn for the prosperous horse owner. It has a spacious living room and two separate bedrooms each with en suite bathrooms. Perfect for two roommates or a couple with children. One bedroom even has a built in fireplace to stoke the romance in your life.

  • 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
  • 50 x 50 lot size

Bedlington Family

Family info Lot info

The Bedlingtons are just the sort of new money the residents of Appaloosa Plains frown upon, having come to live in the country with no real respect for the land. Bertram is rarely seen out of his tweed button down vest, with Buckley close at his heels. Along with his wife Patricia, they love the beautiful outdoor vistas found along the river's edge, but as they enter the twilight of their lives they care little for any manner of preservation. Were their eyesight better they may notice the angry glares of neighbors as they zip down the driveway in their gas guzzler, even if it's doubtful they'd give someone else's considerations a second thought.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Family Funds: §15000
  • Family: Bertram, Patricia and Buckley the Dog

Paddington House

27 Gentrify Manor

Constructed of high grade wood and local stonework, this three bedroom house includes a spacious den overlooking the meticulously landscape front yard. Perfect for any family, the dining room will accommodate large dinner parties with ease - and flair. A separate car port is sure to keep your vehicle secure.

  • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
  • 50 x 50 lot size

Fox Family

Family info Lot info

As great descendants of the indigenous occupants of Appaloosa, the Fox family respects the land - and their privacy. Having reclaimed a large plot of land down in the flood plain, they prosper from the fertile soil that has built up over multiple generations. Now they run the most prosperous ranch in town and take great pride in their hand built home. They're certainly self-sufficient, but it wouldn't hurt them to broaden their social circle either.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Family Funds: §1700
  • Family: Shawnee, Cheyenne, Dakota with 2 horses, Willow and Bramble and Shep the Dog.

Little River House

37 Eucalyptus Drive

Dwarfed by the grandeur of the landscape around it, this modest but proud ranch sits quietly on the powerful river's edge. Living here and working the land might be difficult for some, but with dedication comes reward.

  • 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom
  • 50 x 50 lot size

Miller Family

Family info Lot info

The Millers are one of the most well-liked families in all of Appaloosa. They've built a reputation as trustworthy humanitarians with their strong family values and unending generosity. As fate would have it, they live right next door to the Riffins - certainly a bunch that could use a helping hand. As Quincy and Jacquie keep a watchful eye over their young neighbors, will the seemingly innocent Maisy take her own special interest in Calvin Riffin?

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Family Funds: §4000
  • Family: Quincy, Jacquie and Maisy Miller with Patch the Dog and Mozart the Cat

Super Suburban

1011 Pomona Promenade

When you really want to leave the city behind, this suburban style house will make you think there must be shopping malls and fast food chains nearby... it's just a bit too oout in the country for that though.

  • 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom
  • 40 x 40 lot size

Riffin Family

Family info Lot info

The Riffin family - what's left of them that is - has suffered through extraordinary hardship. Clement and Clarissa were loving parents, living off the sweat of their brow and working the land until an unfortunate farming accident left the children orphaned at a young age. As the oldest, Calvin quickly shouldered the responsibility of holding the family together. With their parents watching over them from beyond, and some helping hands from the townsfolk, the Riffins endure and move on.

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Family Funds: §800
  • Family: Calvin, Cornell and Chantrelle with Ditz the Dog


1935 Beach Boulevard

A charming house in an idillic setting, features its own spring fed pond and a relaxing shady porch, yet still an air of gloom seems to persist.

  • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
  • 40 x 30 lot size

Loveland Family

Family info Lot info

Gracie is a free spirit, but she reigns it in for her day job. Don't be mistaken, she loves working with the kids at Crestview School and takes satisfaction from the opportunity to help shape their lives. But is there more to Graci than meets the eye? When she's not busy grading papers she dreams of a glamourous life in modeling and finding the right man to sweep her off her feet.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Family Funds: §1500
  • Family: Gracie with Babycakes the Cat

Still Water Run

1938 Beach Boulevard

Elegant gardens and shabby chic décor through most of this house makes it a gem of a find. However, things are rarely as innocent as they appear.

  • 1 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms
  • 30 x 40 lot size

Homeless sims and NPCs in Appaloosa Plains

As in all the other Sims 3 towns there are several homeless sims and NPCs when you fisrt start the game. Here are just a few of them. NPCs have their professions in brackets.

  • Gussie Bell
  • Jay Schreckengast
  • Gloria Bedlington, mother of Bertram Bedlington
  • Josy Clover
  • Gurpal Einstein
  • Kalliopi Ellada
  • Hiller Flint
  • Maggie Gray
  • Chase Harley (Paper Delivery Boy)
  • Dorothy Button (Paper Delivery Girl)
  • Jacoby Grubb (Babysitter)
  • Lark Gosling (Babysitter)
  • Elliot Parr (Repo-man)
  • Mollie Bullock (Repo-Woman)
  • Avery Sage (Burglar)
  • Edison Trace (Burglar)
  • Jak Reynard (Repairman)

If you have Late Night installed, some sims will have Celebrity status.

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