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Welcome to TSR's own Sims 3 Places of Employment Guide! On this page, we'll take you through the different neighbourhood destinations in Sunset Valley, which interactions you can do with the lots, what jobs you can apply for within those lots, and also some background information on them.


Llama Memorial Stadium

The Stadium is one of few community lots offering athletic facilities. It is in fact the *only* place that offers the basic fitness class. And once you have started the basic fitness training classes here, you can easily continue improving your athletic skills either at the gym or at home, totally flexible.

If your Sims are a little stressed, the Stadium also raises the entertainment need. So if your Sim needs to escape and have a little fun, this is the place to do it.

Llama Memorial Stadium: Interactions

The Stadium has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Join Professional Sports Career
  • Attend Athletic Class (§400)
  • Attend Game (§60)
  • Attend Concert

Fort Gnome Military Base

Your Sims will always feel secure with the Fort Gnome Military base being only up the road. This place doesn't only offer security, but handiness classes too, so there'd be no more need to rely on handy men or repair technicians ever again.

For just a small fee of §400, your Sims will be enrolled in the handiness course here, and in the long run it will save you a lot of money, not having to call out specialists any more.

The Tour can also be a good, relaxing walk for your Sims, but they won't show you everything mind, there are secrets the Military wouldn't want you to find out...

Fort Gnome Military Base: Interactions

The Military Base has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Join Military Career
  • Attend Handiness Class (§400)
  • Tour Base

EverFresh Delights Supermarket

This supermarket always has the freshest produce in stock. It sells a wide range of foods including meats, cheeses, all kinds of foods.

As well as foods, it sells more general and skill-aimed items such as fishing bait, household items such as rubber ducks and another small knick-knack items like candles and bubble bath.

For a complete buying guide for the Supermarket, see: The Sims 3: Supermarket Guide

You can put your bought bait to good use with the Fishing classes the supermarket offers. This Supermarket offers part-time jobs that are available to teens, and the jobs are in the evenings so the Sim can fit their job around their school life.

EverFresh Delights Supermarket: Interactions

The Supermarket has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Shop for Groceries
  • Get Part-Time Job
  • Attend Fishing Class (§400)
  • Sell Harvestables
  • Sell Fish

Police Department

There aren't many interactions available in the Police Department. They don't take too nicely to tourists asking for a look around.

You have the option to join the Police force, which in itself has it's own rewards, unlocking special interactions for other lots, including some special ones for the Criminals' Warehouse, so watch out for those.

Police Department: Interactions

The Police Department has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Join Law Enforcement Career

Wilsonoff Community Theater

The Theater.. the perfect place to catch up with your friends whilst watching your favorite movie. Don't forget to share the popcorn! Movies are a cheap way of getting a good mood boost (entertainment), but beware, if your Sims do not have any artsy genes, a tour of the Theater would just leave them bored.

The theater also hosts facilities for live music performances, and it's mainly based around the needs of a budding musician Sim. And when your Sim feels ready, maybe they can perform their own shows inside the theater?

Wilsonoff Community Theater: Interactions

The Wilsonoff Community Theatre has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Join Music Career
  • Attent Guitar Class (§400)
  • Tour Theatre
  • See Movie (§40)

Hogan's Deep Fried Diner

Yet another place to get your foot on the first step of the culinary ladder, although this isn't as high society as the Little Corsican Bistro, but don't let that cloud your judgment on the quality of the cooking classes, they're identical.

The diner isn't as expensive as the Little Corsican either, so if your Sim is a bit strapped for cash, then this is perfect for a meal out with the family, or maybe if you're wanting to dine out with that special Sim. Hogan's Diner being cheaper, however, means that it's moodlet wouldn't be as substantial as one you may get from Little Corsican.

Hogan's Deep Fried Diner: Interactions

Hogan's Deep Fried Diner has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Join Culinary Career
  • Become a Partner (§6,000)
  • Attend Cooking Class (§400)
  • Eat Here (Prices vary)
  • Get Drinks (Prices vary)

Little Corsican Bistro

Get your Sims' foot on the culinary career path here. Being one of two eateries in Sunset Valley, this is the more upscale one. Dine in luxury and comfort in this fine Bistro.

Even if your Sims are not very culinary, the beginner classes available here will be sure to prepare your Sims to cook and encourage them to learn cooking new foods.

Not dressed for the occasion? If you choose to dine here, your Sims' will automatically change into their Formal attire, so they can really dine in style.

Little Corsican Bistro: Interactions

The Bistro has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Join Culinary Career
  • Attend Cooking Class (§400)
  • Eat Here (prices vary)
  • Get Drinks (prices vary)
  • Eat Outside (prices vary)

Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital

Is your Sim wanting a medical career? Wanting to try out their scientific experiments for real? If they went to the Memorial Hospital they'd be going to the right place.

The Hospital offers your Sim the chance to join the medical career, but that's about it. The Hospital isn't really a place your Sim would want to visit or tour around.. is it?

Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital: Interactions

The Memorial Hospital has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Join Medical Career

Doo Peas Corporate Towers

The Corporate Towers may seem like a pointless, boring building, but in fact it offers your Sims the chance to launch two careers! Not many places can do that.

Sims can take writing classes here, too. This helps your Sims with the understanding of this useful skill (and could potentially earn your Sims some big simoleans if they choose to take this far enough). Once your Sim has been going to these classes for a while, they'll learn how to write their own novel, and a third writing mini-career can be born.

Doo Peas Corporate Towers: Interactions

The Corporate Towers has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Join Business Career
  • Join Journalism Career
  • Attend Writing Class (§400)

City Hall

You think City Hall and you immediately think it's just a building where politicians, teachers, and important people go. But in fact it offers a bit more than that.

If you have a rebellious Sim who likes to cause a bit of trouble, or a free-minded Sim who would want to fight for what they believe in, they are able to protest against things outside City Hall.

The City Hall offers a Charisma class. After all a City Hall is a place where you can speak and be heard by the top people in Sunset Valley.

City Hall: Interactions

The Corporate Towers has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Join Political Career
  • Attend Charisma Class (§400)
  • Tour City Hall

Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp.

There's nothing special about this building, it's just your average run down Warehouse.. or is it?

If you have a Sim that wants to delve into the darker side of Sunset Valley, then they can apply for a criminal career to learn the tools of the dark trades studied here. And eventually, if your Sim becomes a good criminal, then they can raid the Warehouse themselves! How's that for customer loyalty?

Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp.: Interactions

The Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp. has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Join Criminal Career
  • Raid Warehouse (Special Agents only)

Divisadero Budget Books

Ahh the book store. The perfect place for your Sims to find that special book to read.

The store offers a large collection of books. Great reads, children stories, skill books and a lot more! And the clue is in the name - the books won't leave your Sims strapped for Simoleons either. These books are affordable. Great for bookworm Sims.

For a full guide on books, see the Books Guide

Divisadero Budget Books: Interactions

The Divisadero Budget Books has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Shop for Books (Prices vary)
  • Get Part-Time Job

Landgraab Industries Science Facility

Being set in the hills, looking over Sunset Valley, this is the perfect location to escape light pollution when studying the skies at night. It is a peaceful place where Scientists can experiment undisturbed (unless you decide to take your Sims on a tour of the place).

There is a gardening facility which is open to the public of Sunset Valley, where they can attend gardening classes. This would be perfect for Sims who love the outdoors and have a green thumb trait.

In addition to gardening, the Science Facility greatfully accepts any insects or bugs you may have found. Some bugs earn a small amount of Simoleons, whereas they would be willing to pay out a bit more for the rarer bugs.

Landgraab Industries Science Facility: Interactions

The Science Facility has a variety of interactions. These are:

  • Join Science Career
  • Attend Gardening Class (§400)
  • Attend Logic Class (§400)
  • Tour Science Lab
  • Donate Insects to Science

Sharma Day Spa

For the ultimate in pampering and relaxation, get your Sims to head down to the Sharma Day Spa. The spa offers a vast range of different treatments.

From salon treatments to facials, this Spa has it all and will definitely put your Sims in a good mood. The prices range from §50 to §1,500 but the more you pay, the greater the experience. The more expensive treatment you pay for, the longer the effects will last after your Sim leaves the spa.

Your Sim can also gain positive moodlets from visiting the spa, such as 'Completely At Ease' and 'Smooth Skin'.

Sharma Day Spa: Interactions

The Spa has a variety of interactions and treatments. These are:

  • Get Part-Time Job as a Spa Specialist
  • Get Part-Time Job as a Receptionist
  • Get Massage: Quick Shiatsu Massage (§50)
  • Get Massage: Relaxing Swedish Massage (§250)
  • Get massage: Deep Tissue (§500)
  • Get Facial: Mini-Facial (§50)
  • Get Facial: Mud Facial (§200)
  • Get Facial: Seaweed Facial (§500)
  • Body Treatments: Steam Bath (§250)
  • Body Treatments: Salt Scrub (§750)
  • Body Treatments: Volcanic Clay Bath (§1,500)
  • Salon: Manicure (§25)
  • Salon: Pedicure (§50)
  • Salon: Pedicure/Soak (§100)
  • Packages: Great Escape (§1,000)
  • Packages: Relaxing Rendezvous (§3,000)
  • Packages: Soothing Salvation (§7,500)
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