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This page covers the Door Tool and how to use it.

Placing Doors

The right door can really set off a room or a lot. To add a door, click on the Doors tool, select the door you want and place it on an existing wall. Moving the mouse slightly will change whether the doorknob is on the right or left side and determine the direction that the door will open.

Door Sides Independently Recolorable

Door recolorable on both sides

Doors in Sims 3 are finally colorable on both sides. This means if you have a green room with a door from that room to a blue room, the green room can have the door green and the blue room can have the door blue. Of course, often you just want a nice wood grain, but it is nice to have options. Door frames and the actual doors are also separately recolorable in most cases.

Placing Garage Doors

Garage Door

If you use a garage door, be sure to place it so that it opens correctly to ensure that vehicles can be driven into and removed from the garage. To see a complete list of available doors, see the Doors section of the Object Catalog.

Did you know

Keep the traffic flow of your Sims smooth by placing additional doors to rooms. This makes sure your sims won't bar each other's way.

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