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This page gives an overview of all objects found in the base game, Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs. Players might use them for reference, while creators will find them useful for identifying which EP's objects originate from.


Base Game Objects

Icon Object Name Price
File:Doorfromdoors.png The Door from Doors and More §60
File:Rassinfrassin.png Rassin' Frassin' Door §64
File:Instadoor.png Insta-Door §75
File:Adoorable.png The aDoorable §101
File:Dorky.png Dorky Door §116
File:Lucky.png Lucky Door §169
File:Mags.png Mags' Door §199
File:Prnkproof.png Prank-Proof Door §206
File:Suplussliding.png Surplus Sliding Doors §221
Icon Object Name Price
File:Greattraditions.png Great Traditions Doorway §236
File:Matadoor.png The mata-Door §224
File:Thebarricade.png The Barricade §263
File:Nicelanddoor.png Niceland Door §289
File:Theknockknock.png The Knock-Knock §338
File:Spinaltherapy.png Spinal Therapy Door §413
File:Doubleredunda.png Double Redunda-Doors §428
File:Abeshonest.png Abe's Honest Doors §450
File:Closuregaragedoor.png Closure Garage Door §450

Expansion Pack Objects

World Adventures

Icon Object Name Price
File:Tomb Passage from TombTech.png Tomb Passage from TombTech §60
File:Tomb Passage Deluxe from TombTech.png Tomb Passage Deluxe from TombTech §94
File:Amines Door.png Amine's Door §128
File:Simla Etched Door.png Simla Etched Door §203
File:Secret Rotating Door.png Secret Rotating Door §221
File:Slat Door.png Slat Door §270
Icon Object Name Price
File:Doors of Dongzool.png Doors of Dongzool §281
File:Elegant Doube Doors.png Elegant Doube Doors §300
File:Portal to the World.png Portal to the World §319
File:Seal in Freshness Cellar Doors.png Seal in Freshness Cellar Doors §443
File:Rustic Regal Entrance.png Rustic Regal Entrance §555


Icon Object Name Price
File:A Simple Door.png A Simple Door §75
File:Caesar's Pathway.png Caesar's Pathway §255
File:Office Door.png Office Door §375
File:Professional's Frosted Door.png Professional's Frosted Door §400
Icon Object Name Price
File:Safe Inside Industrial Door.png Safe Inside Industrial Door §195
File:Lattice Door.png Lattice Door §335
File:Get to Work Industrial Doors.png Get to Work Industrial Doors §400

Late Night

Icon Object Name Price
File:Tavern O'Tavern Door.png Tavern O'Tavern Door §75
File:Sustainable Ultra-Post-Modern Door.png Sustainable Ultra-Post-Modern Door §150
Icon Object Name Price
File:Tropix Breez Slatted Door.png Tropix Breez Slatted Door §206
File:Double Tavern O'Tavern Doors.png Double Tavern O'Tavern Doors §335


No objects from this category included in this pack.


Icon Object Name Price
File:Round Up Time Door.png Round Up Time Door §60
File:Balanced Barn Door (2 Stories).png Balanced Barn Door (2 Stories) §150
File:Best Barn Door (2 Stories).png Best Barn Door (2 Stories) §150
File:Bjørn Sliding Door.png Bjørn Sliding Door §221
Icon Object Name Price
File:Agricola's Gateway.png Agricola's Gateway §428
File:Björn Barn Door.png Björn Barn Door §428
File:Saloon Doors.png Saloon Doors §335
File:Stampede Stopper Garage Door.png Stampede Stopper Garage Door §450

Stuff Pack Objects

High-End Loft

Icon Object Name Price
File:Steeled Drura-Doors.png Steeled Dura-Doors §500

Fast Lane

No objects from this category included in this pack.

Outdoor Living

No objects from this category included in this pack.

Town Life

Icon Object Name Price
File:Prodedural Generationr Door.png Prodedural Generation Door §375
Icon Object Name Price
File:Waves of Grain Door.png Waves of Grain Door §375

Master Suite

Icon Object Name Price
File:Enter My Heart Double Door.png Enter My Heart Double Door §506
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