Dog Hunting Skill

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Dog Hunting Skill

The Dog Hunting Skill is, needless to say, a dog only skill that increases a dog's performance in finding rocks, gems and collectibles. See the Cat Hunting Guide for feline related info.

There is onyl one way in which dogs can learn their skills (given that they can't read books or attend classes), and that's via their owner. Sims can teach dogs all they need to know in the art of Hunting.

Once the Hunting skill is perfected, interactions will appear to allow dogs to:

  • Go Find Something
  • Go Find Some Metal
  • Go Find a Gem
  • Go Find a Rock

Skill Challenges

  • Gem Finder - Gen Finders have found 50 or more Gems and have developed the ability to find rare gems more easily!
  • Metal Finder - Metal Finders have found 50 or more Metals and have developed a knack for finding rare metals more easily!
  • Rock Finder - Rock Finders have found 50 or more Rocks and have gained a boosted ability to find rare rocks more easily!

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