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World Adventures has given your sim the opportunity to travel and discover new worlds. Here is a general discription of the province Shang Simla, located in China.


Welcome to Shang Simla

Approaching Shang Simla

Shang Simla, a beautiful village in a province somewhere in China is now accessible for your sims to enjoy on a vacation. It was founded by a group of monks a long time ago and they welcome visitors very much, but requests that they maintain the tranquility of the place and respect the environment and the locals while visiting. With high hills and waterfalls in the distance, a valley with a river running through, this is a lovely place for rest, relaxation or adventures. With hidden treasures to find for your sim and known landmarks for your sim to visit, learning new skills or just breath in the atmosphere, Shang Simla will certainly make your sim wish to come back over and over again.


The Great Chinese Wall

Shang Simla is surrounded by lushious hills and valleys with many specific landmarks for the region. Just outside the Village Square you can find gardens and ruins. The Great Chinese wall passes in two different locations. Further away there are temples, gardens, old ruins, tombs to investigate and also residential lots high up in the hills, some of them are farms. In the distance the waterfalls leads into the river that is running like a serpent through the area. The closer you get to the Village Square, the more trees you'll see, all in colors from green to orange.

Village Square

Village Square

The center of the village is at the bottom of the ravine, surrounded by the mountains. The Village Square is also surrounded by a moat and there are 4 bridges over it, each with an entrance gate to let your sims into the Square. There are 2 bridges and a walkway over the river that passes by so your sim can access the square. This is a place for your sim to have fun, relax and shop. The village market is situated in one corner where he or she can get the necessary supplies for those adventures you accept for him or her. Remember to buy a camera too so your sim can get skills as a photographer. You will also find the adventure guide here in the big Forbidden Palace. There is a parkarea and several pagodas in the square. Some are restrooms, some are places for reading or having meal in. In the pools that you can see in the square, your sims can go for a swim if they would like to do so. Or just breath in the atmosphere when walking around. It's also a good idea to let your sim get to know some of the locals for interactions in the future. Later your sim can go visiting them in their homes.

Where to stay

The Base Camp

When first arriving in Shang Simla your sim will end up staying in the base camp. When he or she knows some other sims who has a holiday cottage there they can be invited to stay with them. When your sim has reached visalevel 3, he or she can buy a holiday home by using the phone. The base camp in Shang Simla is situated just outside the Village Square and is a hotel with all the conveniences your sim needs for his stay. A place to cook his meal, sleep, read and meet other sims staying at the hotel. There are both single and double rooms. When out on an adventure your sim can buy a tent at the market and stay overnight in a campsite, there are several to choose from, or in a common place. Just take the tent out and see if you can place it first. Don't forget to also buy some dried food and a Shower in a can!

Where to visit and what to do

Heavens Temple

If your sim would like to do the adventures, a good idea is to keep an eye on the wish moodlets to see what comes up, let him check the Adventure board at the entrance of the base camp for challenges, otherwise there are many other things to do if your sim isn't adventurous. As mentioned there are many interesting places your sim can visit. Temples, ruins or monuments. Some examples are mentioned here.

  • The half hidden Temple with the Terracotta Soilders
  • The Dragon's Mouth
  • Hot Springs
  • Heaven's Temple
  • The Great Wall of China
  • The Cemetery
  • Several gardens around the area

Your sim can also learn skills in Martial Art at the Phoenix Martial Art Academy, located just outside the Village Square. Even if you can learn from reading books about this special combat sport, it is best to practice in real. At the academy your sim might meet with the best in the sport, if they are there, and also compete in tournaments. Many Sims travel a long way to compete in the tournaments. Don't forget to let your sim take some snapshots with the camera!


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