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World Adventures has given your sim the opportunity to travel and discover new worlds. Here is a general discription of the village Champs Les Sims, located in France.


Welcome to Champs Les Sims

Approaching Champs Les Sims

Champs Les Sims is just like many french villages, small and cosy, with a landscape of rolling hills, green meadows and a river running through the center. It has a history from the middle ages when this village was first built. It's situated between higher mountains and you can see the train in the distance, but unfortunately there is still no station in the village so travelling to Champs Les Sims has to be with other communications. The village offer the visiting sim a lot from ancient ruins, culture and museums to Nectar making and walks in lovely gardens. In the far distance the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower can be seen, the landmark of the nations capital. Be sure, your sim will want to come back to this little village several times.


The Countryside

Surrounding the village are rolling hills and meadows. Open spaces where you can find many interesting places for your sim to visit. Mountains are surrounding the whole area and in the distance you'll see the train pass by. On a higher level you can find one of the local castles with a beautiful garden and a moat. The roads follow the landscape and all over you might sense and smell the nectar that is produced in the local Nectar Farm. The river divides the village but you can cross it over the old bridge. The ruins on the island in the middle of the river can be hard to get to, but after your sims have the skills necessary they will be able to cross the water and enter them.

Village Square

Village Square

At the village square your sim will find the shop to buy supplies for the adventure or ingrediens for a new recipe to try out. Remember to buy a camera too so your sim can get skills as a photographer. There is also a relik shop where your sim can find exclusive souvenirs like gems, metals and artifacts from other cultures. You'll find a bookshop too and a café where they can have their coffee or a meal and meet someone of the locals. It is a good thing to know some locals as your sim can then go and visit them in their homes and maybe even learn something from them. Round the fountain in the middle of the square are chairs and tables and several benches to rest on.

Where to stay

The Base Camp Hotel

Your sim will start his or her stay at the base camp, a hotel with all the conviniencies to satisfy all their needs. The hotel is located by the river, in the center of the village and the village square is not far from there. In the hotel there are a kitchen, lounge and open spaces. One large room with several beds but if they want some privacy there are also a few single and double rooms on the first floor. When your sim has reached visalevel 3 he or she can buy a vacation home to stay in. If they have a friend that already owns a house of their own, they can be invited to stay there.

Where to visit and what to do

The Nectar Farm

If your sim would like to do the adventures, a good idea is to keep an eye on the moodlets to see what wishes comes up, let him check the Adventure board at the entrance of the base camp, for challenges, otherwise there are many other things to do if your sim isn't adventurous. Here are a few of them:

  • The Art Gallery, full of anticvities from China, Egypt and localy of course.
  • The French Simhenge, a celtic setting with a tomb.
  • The Nectar farm
  • Chateau Landgraab
  • Campsites
  • The local cemetery

At the Nectar Farm your sim can go Nectar tasting, learn to make Nectar and also buy some of those lovely tasting Nectars to bring home and take out when having a party. Don't forget to take some great snapshots with the camera!


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