Destination Al Simhara

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World Adventures has given your sim the opportunity to travel and discover new worlds. Here is a general discription of the desert village Al Simhara , located in Egypt.


Welcome to Al Simhara

Approaching Al Simhara

Egypt, land of ancient culture and mystique. Al Simhara welcomes every sim who wants to have a spectacular adventure or just a vacation. Situated near the famous pyramids with the Sphinx overlooking the village, a river that provides one of the most vital elements in survival, ruins and tombs to explore, this is the place for everyone to remember. Your sim will have a lot to explore and maybe they will find an oasis here and there too, with some surprises. After all this your sim will most certainly want to come back for more.



Al Simhara is situated on both sides of the big river Nile that runs through this part of the desert. The landscape is mostly sand, sand and sand. Hills of sand everywhere but you can find ways to go around and discover buried temples, tombs, maybe a beautiful oasis somewhere. Along the riverbanks the landscape is different, lots of palmtrees, grass and as the water is close, a possibility to grow fruits and vegetables. Further away are mountains of sand that does protect the small village and the inhabitants who live there.

The Marketplace


The Marketplace is the center of the village where your sim can find shops to buy supplies for the adventure, a souvenir or two, maybe some old relics, gems and metals. They can also get special items from a special salesman that walks around the market. These items can be vital to have if you encounter a mummy for example. Remember to buy a camera too so your sim can get skills as a photographer. There is also a café where your sim can meet the locals and have something to eat if they don't feel like cooking. In the middle of the marketplace is a small pool your sim can dip into if the sun is too hot and they need to cool off.

Where to stay


Your sim will start the first visit to the desert in the basecamp just beside the village. When your sim has reached visalevel 3 he or she can buy a vacation home to stay in instead of the basecamp. It's surrounded by high palmtrees and ruins and there is a thomb on one side of the camp. There are tents to sleep in, an open air kitchen and a dining area under a shelter. The sun is hot in the desert so it's good to protect yourself. Your sim will like it here and when he or she feels like an adventure, consult the adventure board for that exciting adventure that might be available. Don't forget to guide them to the market for the necessary supplies they need if they get stranded in the desert late at night. A tent, some food and a shower in a can for example. Some might even want to stay overnight in the pyramid and having a tent is essential to be able to do so.

Where to visit and what to do

Abu Simbel

If your sim accepts an adventure this will take him to some of the monuments that's of interest to visit and it's a good idea to keep an eye on the wish moodlets to see what comes up, then direct them to the monuments to fullfill these wishes. You can of course take your sim to these places without accepting an adventure. On several places outside the village there are ruins and an oasis here and there. For example:

  • The Great Pyramids
  • Heaven's Pyramid
  • The Temple of Hatshepsut
  • The Temple of Abu Simbel
  • Karnak Temple ruins
  • The Sphinx

High up in the hills you'll find another oasis with a surprise! How did this happen? Where did it come from? Will we ever find out or will this always be a mystery? Don't forget to let your sim take some snapshots with the camera!


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