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This page describes how to change a Sim's Looks.


Customizing Your Sim's Looks

Customizing the looks of your Sim can be as easy or as intense as you want it to be. You can make a few simple changes and create a new look or work tirelessly to create the next celebrity Sim. As usual, the choice is yours.

There are a lot of parts to the Looks section, so lets get started.

Head and Ears

Head and Ears - Basic

Nothing quite defines your Sim like the basic over-all look.


In Basic Mode, you can simply select a head that looks like one you want your Sim to have. Don't be afraid to change them around.


Head and Ears - Advanced

In advanced mode, there are several items to choose from. Click on each dot on the face to display a different set of sliders. Sliders include:


  • Face Profile
  • Head Width
  • Face Height


  • Ears Scale
  • Ears Rotate


  • Cheek Bone Height
  • Cheek Bone Shape
  • Nasolabial Crease (These are commonly called laugh lines.)
  • Cheek Fullness


  • Jaw Width
  • Jaw Shape
  • Jaw Height
  • Jaw Depth


  • Chin Depth
  • Chin Scale
  • Chin Height


Eyes - Basic

Eyes are the window to the soul, they say. What will your Sim's eyes say about them?


In Basic Mode, you can choose an eye that looks good on your Sim and then choose and appropriate color to go with it. If you don't find a color you like, you can use Change Color to create your own. You can choose from a standard palette of colors or use the color wheel to select virtually any color. If you might want to use that color again you can save it to the set of colors.


Eyes - Advanced

In advanced mode, there are again several choices. Click on each dot to display a different set of sliders. Sliders include:


  • Eye Scale
  • Eye Height
  • Rotate Eyes
  • Eye Distance
  • Eye Socket Height
  • Eye Depth


  • Brow Height
  • Brow Curve
  • Brow Rotation

Eye Shape

  • Eye Corner Height
  • Eye Inner Corner Height
  • Eye Apex
  • Eye Shape


  • Eyes Upper Lid Height
  • Eyes Lower Lid Height
  • Eyelid Height


Nose - Basic

A different nose can put a totally different look on your Sim's face.


Basic is really basic. Pick the nose you like.


Nose - Advanced

Lots of options in the advanced mode for noses. Here's a list:


  • Nose Height
  • Nose Width
  • Nose Length
  • Nose Mass
  • Nose Rotate
  • Nose Scale
  • Nose Definition


  • Bridge Height
  • Bridge Rotate
  • Bridge Width
  • Bridge Depth


  • Nose Tip Scale
  • Nose Tip Rotate


  • Nostril Definition
  • Nostril Height
  • Nostril Scale


Mouth - Basic

A mouth can show an attitude. Pouty, sombre, giggly, broody. A mouth says quite a lot.


Basic lets you choose the mouth you'd like your Sim to have. Experiment to find the best one for your Sim. You can always use undo and re-do to amend your changes.


Mouth - Advanced

Here are the slider choices for the mouth:


  • Mouth Width
  • Mouth Height
  • Mouth Corners Rotate
  • Mouth Curve
  • Mouth Definition

Upper Lip

  • Upper Lip Width
  • Upper Lip Shape
  • Upper Lip Thickness

Lower Lip

  • Lower Lip Thickness
  • Lower Lip Width
  • Lower Lip Shape

Topical Details

Topical Details

Currently topical details include freckles and beauty marks. Check or uncheck the checkboxes to see how they look on your Sim. To remove, click on the button at the top to remove all or just uncheck them individually.


Although makeup is primarily for women, you can experiment with natural looking shades for your male Sim or even some more radical looking shades if your Sim is more flamboyant.



Pick a style of eyeshadow and pick your color. You can choose from the colors provided or create your own.

Eye Liner

Eyes Liner

Choose a natural color or a color to match your eyeshadow. You can choose from the colors provided or create your own.



Pick your style of blush and then select a color. There are three colors involved in the blush. You can change each of the three colors for a variety of effects.



The base game comes with three lipstick styles. Select the one you like best and then select a color. Two of the styles only have one color while the third style has three colors for more variety.

You can change the colors for any of these for a variety of effects. Save your color choices if you find one you might use again.

Costume Makeup


The base game comes with 3 costume makeup examples. A clown, a set of stars and a cat. Choose one of these for a special look. Each of these costumes have three recolorable parts.

For more information on creating your Sim, see the Create_A_Sim_Overview.

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