Creating a Coffee Table in Wings 3D

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A new beginners tutorial for making Sims 3 meshes is available now! In this tutorial I will lead you through making a very simple coffee table for your Sims 3 game by only using Wings3D and TSRW. No Uvmapper or Milkshape needed now. Since the 2.0.39 version of TSRW we are able to import our new meshes as .obj making the variety of 3d programs able to use a lot wider. Assigning the joints is now also done in TSRW for the most common meshes.

Further Reading

This tutorial will cover the steps from making the new mesh to UV mapping it and adjusting the groundshadow, importing your new mesh to TSRW and assigning the verticals to the joint. For the basics on cloning please read: TSR Workshop - An A-Z Manual

After doing the steps in this tutorial you will need to still do step 2, CycloneSue’s tutorial on texturing: Object Creation Part 2: Texturing

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