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The Pattern Skewer

The Pattern Skewer

The Pattern Skewer actually is the vertical line of patterns, the skewer contains all recolourable patterns for the mesh you choose. The object you have selected can have as many as 4 patterns.

The individual patterns in the skewer can be dragged. Click and drag the pattern and it will attach to your cursor. You can release the mouse on another pattern in the skewer, object, floor, wall or piece of clothing to simply overwrite it. If you release the pattern inbetween the other patterns on the skewer you can re-order them.

Did you know

By clicking on the grip dots at the top of the Pattern Skewer you can "grab and drag" the entire style to copy onto another object or piece of clothing?

The Transfer Dialog

The Transfer Dialog

When you drag a pattern from the skewer to a different object the transfer Dialog will appear. There you can which current pattern of that object needs to be effected. Transferring a pattern will overwrite the old pattern while colours will retain the pattern and only change it's colour information.

The Pattern Library

The Pattern Library

Here is your pattern Library, it holds all the patterns ingame split up in category's which are:

  • Fabrics
  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Abstract
  • Geometric
  • Carpet / Rugs
  • Leather and Fur
  • Masonry
  • Miscellaneous
  • Theme
  • Tile / Mosaic
  • Paint
  • Plastic / Rubber
  • Rock / Stone
  • Weave / Wicker

The Colours of your Texture

The Colour Channels

The Colour Channels

Each pattern can have up to 4 different colours of which each can be changed separetly. Instead of changing colour for colour, you can also choose to recolour the larger swatch on the left to change all colours at once.

Individual colours as well as the swatch representing colour combinations can be dragged in the same way as the patterns (see 1.1 The Pattern Skewer) This is a great way of matching styles that use different patterns.

Saving your Work

Saving your Recolours

The panel in the upper left corner is the Preset Manager. It will display any earlier saved style for the current object. The empty square selected is your Work in Progress. On this panel you can select a saved preset or save the style you are currently working on. To save your style click on the little folder, you will see that your style now becomes a preset.

Other than saving your new style you can also delete earlier styles, you can do that by selecting the style you wish deleted and click on the trashcan.

If you are satisfied with your result, you can also share your style with others to enjoy. If you wish to do so, you select the style you want to share and click on the export button. (see Image Saving your Recolours) Your style will now be saved as a Sims3Pack and can be found in your documents/ElectronicArts/the Sims 3/Exports.

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