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This page describes the Create A Sim Basic Controls.



Create A Sim Basic Controls

When you begin creating your Sims there are certain basic things it might be wise to choose first. You can always put them off until later in the process if you prefer.


Enter a First and Last name for your Sim.

Name that Sim


Male or Female. That's it.

So far, only two are available.


Select the Age for your Sim.

When creating a Sim family, you'll often need Sims with a variety of ages. Choose from the following ages:

  • Toddler
  • Child
  • Teen
  • Young Adult
  • Adult
  • Elder

For a full explanation of the ages, see Aging.

Skin Tone

Select skin tone lightness or darkness.

The slider defines light to dark within the skin tone you are using. Click on the button to the left to access other skin tones. Current skin tone colors include shades of Red, Green, Brown and Blue.

Select a
Skin Tone.

Body Modifiers

Body Mods

Body Modifiers can change a Sim's looks dramatically and range from the rather skinny and weak to the robust and strong to the fat and flabby. Adjust your Sim's body style with these options:

  • Adjust Body Weight
  • Adjust Muscle Size
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