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Welcome to the wonderful world of Create A Sim! Here you can make any kind of Sim you desire with an infinite variety of looks and personalities.

Control Panel

To start, familiarize yourself with the control panel at the bottom of your screen. As shown there are controls for rotating left and right, zooming in and out, accessing the pre-made Sims in the Sims bin, undo and re-do for those unfortunate changes and the area that shows the Sims you have created for your family and the controls for adding new ones.

You can add a new Sim but selecting Create A Sim or by selecting a pre-made Sim from the Sims bin.

Creata-A-Sim Control Panel

Play with Genetics

Play with Genetics

If you have at least two potential parents in your family, you can choose to Play with Genetics. Playing with genetics allows you to choose potential parents for your child and genetically determine their characteristics. You can choose any gender or age group, so you can also make a parent from two siblings. You can create a family of genetically similar Sims if that is your desire.

Getting Started

Once you select a pre-made Sim or choose to create a new one, a Sim will appear. If you choose to create one a random Sim will appear. To change the Sim, use the characteristics buttons in the upper left corner of the screen.


Basics include first and last name. Once a Sim is saved with a last name, that becomes the family name. Also included are gender, age, Skin Tone, Lightness or Darkness of Skin Tone, and the Modifiers, Adjust Body Weight and Adjust Muscle Size.

Experiment with these to produce a desired effect. Too tired to be picky? Click on the Randomize button to see a newly designed Sim. Keep clicking until you find a Sim you like.

Explore the basics further at Create A Sim Basic Controls.


A lot of what makes a pretty Sim is a good hair style. You can choose from several hair options that come with the game or you can download custom content. Once you have a hair style, you can choose a color from those provided or create your own with the change color option.

Hair comes in two varieties, regular hair and hair with accessories. Accessories include hats, headbands, caps, flowers or other hair ornaments. The accessories are usually recolorable. To learn more about Hair, see Hair Controls

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

A second panel under hair determines eyebrow style and color and eyelashes for your Sim. You can choose from a variety of eyebrow styles and colors. You can choose to match the eyebrows to the root hair color or not.

Eyelashes can be made thicker or thinner with the slider at the bottom.

For additional info, see Hair Controls.


There are several different categories for Looks:

  • Head and Ears
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Topical Details (Moles and Beauty Marks)
  • Makeup

The first four categories offer the choice of a preset design or you can go to advanced mode and change every little detail. To explore looks further see Customizing Looks.


Clothing comes in different categories based on both type of item and the use to which it will be put. See Clothing_Controls for an explanation of each. All clothing can be custom colored so if you see a top you like in green but wish it were in red, you can use Create a Style to change it. See the Create a Style section for more information. Experiment and you can come up with some unique clothing combinations. For a more in-depth description, see Clothing Controls.


You have a nice looking Sim (or a not-so-nice one, if you prefer) and are happy with the way they look. Now comes the fun part - giving them their own special personality. Are they athletic? Do they hate the outdoors? See the Traits_Defined section for a full list of possibilities. If you are undecided, you can select a random bunch of traits.

Once you settle on your traits, a set of Lifetime Wishes that might be suitable for those traits will appear. Choose a wish for your Sim. For a full list of the possibilities, see Lifetime_Wishes.

Favorites, Voice and Bio

The next panel features favorite things for your Sim, 3 buttons and a slider to change the sound of your Sim's voice to match their personality and a button to edit their biography so you can let the world know your Sim's interesting characteristics.

To explore these aspects further, see Personality Controls.

Finished Sim Options

Finished Sim Options

Once you are finished with one Sim or a whole family, you have some choices to make. You can create a twin of your Sim, share the Sim, save the Sim to the bin or delete the Sim. These controls are selected by choosing the ... by each Sim. When you have done what you want with each individual Sim, then select either Accept or Cancel and Exit to return to Edit Town mode. If you Accepted your family, it will be in the bin of Sim families to choose from.

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