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Cooking Skill

This is a crucial skill for a Sim to gain. Your Sim will have to eat. Yes just like us they need the fuel of food to survive. Having A Sim around who can cook boosts the mood of the household and visitors alike. You need this skill for the Culinary Career. Even with the Cooking trait, very few Sims are good in the kitchen at first. Cooking must be practiced.

At first, Sims do have access to a handful of recipes, but have the option to “Grab a Quick Meal”. Quick meals do not increase the Cooking Skill but do satisfy hunger for a time. They cannot be served to other Sims as a meal can. Improving your Cooking Skills and practicing by preparing meals makes your Sims meals better. In turn those eating the meal prepared by A Sim that cooks well, may create an improvement in their Moodlets.

Quick Meals don't cost anything so that No Sim will be hungry, but some meals do require Simoleans to make. There is no need to go to the Grocery Store the funds are automatically deducted from family funds. You can, however, buy ingredients to make recipes that aren’t automatically stocked in your refrigerator. Growing vegetables make meals fresher and therefore more appealing to your Sim.

When a Sim first tries to cook a recipe, chances are they will fail and make a disgusting, lousy meal or burn it. The meal will be edible, but result in a negative Moodlet.

You cannot cook all meals at all times

3AM-9AM Breakfast

9AM-3PM on weekends Brunch

12PM-5PM Lunch

5PM-3AM Dinner

Anytime Desert


  • Level 1 Adds Recipe Ratatouille .Can Learn Pancakes, Peanut Butter & Jelly and Hot Dogs. (See Recipe Notes).
  • Level 2 Can Learn Goopy Carbonara and Grilled Cheese.
  • Level 3 Adds Fish and Chips and Cookies.
  • Level 4 Adds Fruit Parfait.Can learn recipe Spaghetti and Sushi Roll.
  • Level 5 Adds Cheesesteak.Can learn recipe Stu Surprise.
  • Level 6 Adds Cobbler.Can learn recipe Hamburger.
  • Level 7 Adds Eggs Machiavellian. Can Learn Key Lime Pie.
  • Level 8 Adds Tri-Tip Steak. Can Learn Grilled Salmon.
  • Level 9 Adds Stuffed Turkey. Can learn French Toast and Dim Sum.
  • Level 10 Adds Baked Angel Food Cake and Ambrosia. Can Learn Lobster Thermador.

There are Recipe’s that a Sim can purchase at the bookstore and learn. They are unlocked to read as soon as your Sim reaches the level for the learned Recipe.

Skill Challenges

  • Star Chef - Star Chef’s have prepared at least 50 Meals. The meals they prepare are higher quality. They certainly know how to cook.
  • World Class Chef - World Class Chef’s have prepared at least 75 Dishes. The meals they prepare can be prepared much faster than a lower class Chef. They have mastered the kitchen.
  • Menu Maven - Menu Maven, ahhh, this is the cook who has learned all the recipes. They can prepare higher quality foods.


  • Children can only get Quick Meals out of the fridge. They can not learn to cook
  • Poorly made food can disgust other Sims and create a Nauseous Moodlet.
  • Once a Sim reaches Level 10 of the Cooking Skill the Coveted Recipe Ambrosia becomes unlocked. Eating this meal will extend the life of your Sim a little in the current age. It requires the ingredients Angel Food Cake and the Deathfish (See Fishing Skill)
  • All Recipes, including the number of times made, are tracked in the Skill Journal
  • Buy a more expensive stove as soon as you can and you will get rid of the “Uneven Cooking” moodlet
  • Vegetarian Sims cannot eat meat so if you have one in your household you need to make sure you don’t feed it to them. It will make them sick.
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