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This page covers the control panel in Live Mode


Control panel

In Sims 3 the Control panel is basically the same as in Sims 2. The panel is divided into 4 sections with different functions. On the far left are the controls for moving around, left/right and zoom in/out. Next are the wishes/lifetime wishes for your Sims and the time and day control with 4 speed levels. Next in line is the mood and moodlet section and last on the far right is the section where you can find out all about your sim and his needs.

The controls

The controls that differ from earlier Sims games are the two you see on the far left, the button with the man silhouette in a circle, the Sim viewer, and the button with a townhouse, the Town viewer. If you click the Sim viewer you will zoom in to your active Sim. If you then click on the Town viewer button, you will go to map view of the town. This is practical if you want your Sim to go somewhere in town. When in Town view just click on a destination and your Sim will go there. Here you also will find the buttons for taking a caption of the screen, click the Camera and a caption is saved; and making a movie of the screen you you want to share with others. Click the Movie camera for this.


This part shows your Sims wishes available and promised wishes. It all depends on how your Sim’s character and wishes are set from birth or CAS, what will appear in the Wish window. You can look through the wishes available by clicking on the arrow on both sides of the window. If you want your Sim to have this wish, just click on it and it will appear in the Wishes promised window. Right click with the mouse over a promised wish if you would like to remove it. If your Sim has a lifetime wish it will show here on the right side. Underneath are the Time and Speed controls.

Mood and Moodlets

As in Sims 2 the Mood is shown with a Colour bar, green being the highest level and red the lowest. Next to it the Moodlets appear, which show what and how your Sim feels, and are in need of. Each moodlet has a specific meaning and also show how many minutes or hours the Sim will stay in this mood.

Sims Overview panel

The last section with 8 tabs, handles all you need to know about the active Sim. In Simology you’ll find the family tree, age of Sim, his/her favorites and also the traits the active Sim has. Under other tabs are Relationship with other Sims, Career and Skills they have accomplished. In the Individual Inventory you’ll find the cell phone and other items the Sim can carry with him/her everywhere.

Opportunities for career promotions are found here if your Sim has accomplished any. You will also find the Lifetime Happiness under one tab. The last tab handles the Needs for your Sim with 6 colored bars, green being the highest level and red being the lowest. You can Hide the last section if you don't want to view it by clicking the arrow on the between the last 2 sections.

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