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In the Sims 3 there are two kinds of Community Buildings/Areas. There are the Rabbit Holes and the standard Community Lots. On this particular page you can see what options each Community Lot has to offer.


Rabbit Holes

A Rabbit Hole is a new feature in the Sims 3. This really is an object that (inter)acts like a cummunity building. Your Sim can visit, but once inside the building you cannot see your Sim. Often these rabbit holes are a workplace or a place to attend classes to improve your skills. All Rabbit Holes can be found in both Sunset Valley and Riverview.

Thumb Name Career Partnership* Lessons Other Options
File:Bistro.pngBistroCulinary§12.500Cooking §400
  • Eat Here
  • Get Drinks,
  • Eat Outside
File:Supermarket.pngSupermarket-§7.000Fishing §400
  • Get Parttime Job
  • Buy and Sell
File:Bookstore2.png Bookstore-§7.000-
  • Buy/Sell books
  • Parttime Job
File:Hospital.png HospitalMedical§30.000-
File:Cityhall.png City HallPolitical-Charisma §400
  • Visit City Hall
File:Policedepartment.png Police DepartmentLaw Enforcement--
File:Theatre.png TheatreMusical§18.000Guitar §400
  • Visit
  • See Movie §30
File:School.png SchoolChildren attend weekdays-Painting §400
File:Officebuilding.pngOffice BuildingJournalism / Business§18.000Writing §400
File:Sciencelab.pngScience LabScience§40.000Gardening /Logic §400
  • Visit Science Lab,
  • Donate Bugs to Science.
  • Part-time Receptionist,
  • Part-time Specialist,
  • Packages: Total Escape §1.000
  • Packages: Relax Rendezvous §3.000
  • Packages: Soothing Salvation §7.500,
  • Salon: Pedicure §50
  • Salon: Manicure §25
  • Manicure/Pedicure/Soak §100
  • Body treatment: Vulcanic Clay §1.500
  • Body treatment: Steambath §250
  • Body treatment: Saltwater Scrub §750
  • Facial: Mud §200
  • Facial: Mini §50
  • Facial: Seaweed §500
  • Get Massage: Quick - Shiatsu §50
  • Get Massage: Relaxing Swedish §250
  • Get Massage: Deep Tissue §500
File:Stadium.pngStadiumProfessional Sports§35.000Athletics §400
  • Go to Concert
  • Go to Game
File:Diner.pngDinerCulinary§6.000Cooking §400
  • Eat here
  • Get Drinks
File:Abandonedwarehouse.pngAbandoned WarehouseCriminal§15.000-
File:Militarybase.pngMilitary BaseMilitary-Handiness §400
  • Visit Base
  • Visit Mausoleum
  • Get Part-time Job
  • Explore Catacombs.

* When you become a partner you can collect the week's profit share.

Community Lots

Aside from the Rabbit Holes your Sims is fully controllable in a "normal" Community Lot. Not only can you see and control your Sim, you can also interact with other Sims in these Lots. Furthermore these type of Lots can be built by any gamer, although the Lots listed here are the ones that come with the base game. All Community Lots have the option to "visit".

What Classifies a Community Lot

Placing specific objects in your Lot will define it's class. These are the different options available to you.

Type Minimum Requirements
Fishing Spot1 Pond or Fishing spot
Small Park3 Park Objects
Big Park12 Park Objects
Beach1 Beach Object - Weird thing is, it doesn't need to be at a waterfront.
Pool1 Pool
Art Gallery16 Art Objects
Library12 Bookshelves
Gym4 Gym machines
GraveyardEither a Mausoleum OR 4 graveyard objects
Rabbit Hole1 Rabbit Hole object except for the Mausoleum. (Maybe in a later Stage.)

Sunset Valley

List of all Community Lots that are not Rabbit Holes in Sunset Valley.

Name Description
Old Pier BeachBeach Lot
Sunnyside StrandBeach Lot
Recurve StrandBeach Lot
Summer Hill SpringsFresh Water Fishing Spot
Crystal SpringsFresh Water Fishing Spot
Stoney FallsFresh Water Fishing Spot
Pinochle PondFresh Water Fishing Spot
Central ParkPark, Chess Table, BBQ
Maywood GlenSmall Park
Pleasant Rest GraveyardCemetery, Beware of Ghosts after midnight
28hours Wellness GymGym
Papyrus Memorial LibraryBooks and more books
Le Petit Shark PoolSwimming pool
Sunset Institute of Modern ArtArt Gallery
Lotty Cerulean Blue PoolSwimming Pool


List of all Community Lots that are not Rabbit Holes in Riverview.

Name Description
Dogwood PlaylandPlayground
Riverview GymnasiumGym
Azalea Acres Community GardenPark, Garden
Old Town CemeteryGraveyard
Wright Reading RoomLibrary
Four Bridges ParkPark
Octagon HouseMuseum and Art Gallery
Riverwalk ParkPark
Plaza ParkPark
The Water Hole Juice BarBar, Pool tables
The GazeboPark
Riverfront Swim ClubIndoor Pool
All the Rave WarehouseWarehouse
Riverview Fish HatcheryFishing Spot
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