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This page covers the Column Tool.

Column Tool

Columns can be used to add style and structure to any home. Columns can help to accent a fence, deck or porch. To create a column, click on the Column Tool, select a column and place it on the ground, floor or foundation where you want it to appear. Remove columns by selecting them with the Hand Tool and pressing Delete.

Column Info

Base Game Columns with Recolors

There are only a handful of columns in the base game. But with Create-A-Style, there are still many possibilities. See the recolors behind the originals in the picture for some ideas.

House above the ground.

Columns create an area of flooring potential above them. You can achieve a "carport" look with columns and a floor.

You can use columns to create a floor above them and then delete the columns to achieve an off-the-ground look for your home. It causes the room to appear to "float". Create columns and then put a floor on top and then delete the columns. The floor remains. You can build a room on the floor. Of course if it is to be used, there has to be stairs or something to enable your Sims to reach the room.

To get a good idea of some of the column possibilities, look at some of the pre-made lots. To check out the available columns, see the Columns section of the Object Catalog.

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