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Even if your Sim doesn’t love the outdoors, they can search for and collect things. Collecting provides a source of income that doesn't require investment. A Loves the Outdoors trait might be helpful for collecting, but isn't essential.

Collection Helper

For 40,000 lifetime rewards points, a Sim can purchase a Collection Helper. There will be an object in inventory that looks like a butterfly. When you click it, you get the following options:

  • None
  • Rock and Gems
  • Insects
  • Seeds
  • Fish

When an option other than None is selected, that type of item will glow and can be seen from far away. You will see Map View icons that point to the location of all items of the selected type. Obviously, this item would be a very desirable investment for any collecting Sim.

Butterflies and Beetles

Sims can can have a lot of fun collecting beetles and butterflies. Once your Sim catches one, they can display it in a terrarium, name it, sell it, or watch it. Each one has a value, depending on its rarity. For more in-depth coverage, see Bugs.

Metals and Rocks

Send your Sims exploring and they can find Ore, Ingots and Space Rocks. There are several Challenges that accompany these discoveries. To find out more about rock collectings see Metals and Rocks.


Sims can collect gems and have the gems cut by clicking on one in inventory and choosing the Get Cut option to increase their value. They can also just display them as they are to show off their natural beauty. To explore the different types of cuts and find out more about gem collectings see Gems.

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