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Charisma Skill

Good Old Charisma. A long standing Sim tradition. Make friends, socialize and quite basically be around other Sims. Ah… but we all know it’s not as easy as that and Sims 3 is no different. The twist to this is a Sim with the loner trait. They are most likely not going to be interested in honing this trait. But if your Sim is not a loner, chances are they will need this trait to be happy. Learning the Charisma trait opens special interactions with other Sims. Developing this skill takes more than just talking in the mirror or taking a class, however simple interactions like Talking in bed with their spouse can help increase the Charisma skill after they have achieved at least 2 levels of this skill.

The Charisma skill is easy enough, you can go to the park and introduce yourself and talk, getting to know the other Sim. You will see the things your Sim learns about the other Sim pop up as you get to know them. You have to maintain relationships in Sims 3 in order to advance in the Charisma learning scope. You can’t just grin in the mirror to achieve the Charisma skill you must meet and get to know other Sims to advance. You have to maintain those relationships.

Mothers and Fathers don’t count, as in real life, they have to love you, or at least like you. Opening and honing the Charisma skill opens new interactions as they advance in the skill levels. Achieving different levels of the Charisma skill requires a specific number of friends to advance as explained in the Benefits Section.

Charisma Levels and Effects

LevelRequired FriendsRequired RelationshipsEffect
100Unlocks the Friendly Introduction
202Unlocks the Amusing Introduction.
313Unlocks the Interesting Introduction.
424Unlocks the Flirty Introduction.
535Unlocks Affectionate Introduction.
648Unlocks Funny Introduction.
7510Unlocks Impressive Introduction.
8615Unlocks Hilarious Introduction.
9820Unlocks Loving Introduction.
101025Unlocks Hot Introduction.

All Required friends and relationships must be reached to achieve next level.

Skill Challenges

  • Celebrity - Celebrities have at least 25 local acquaintances. They can build relationships faster.
  • Personable - Personable Sims have learned at least 50 Traits from their friends and neighbors. They can learn the traits of other Sims faster.
  • Super Friendly - Super Friendly Sims have at least 20 Friends. Super Friendly Sims have no problem juggling them all.
  • Everybody's Best Friend - You must have at least 10 Best Friends for this Challenge. Once achieved all your friends skip good friends to Best Friends right away.
  • Comedian - Comedians have told at least100 jokes. Once a Comedian you can joke and all will laugh.


  • The Charisma Skill is helpful to the Political Career Track.
  • Sims who can earn Charisma Levels will have an easier time with the "Suck up to Boss" and "Hang with Coworkers" type interactions at work
  • Greeting interactions can manipulate the conversation the way you wish for it to go. The more interactions you earn, the more chances of influencing the other Sim.
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