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Welcome to the TSR Workshop Pages!

In this category you will find everything you need to know about the TSR Workshop. From documentations over walkthroughs to textures and technical references - these pages are the perfect guide for you when it comes to custom content.

TSR Workshop Guides

Getting started!

Wsinstallation.pngInstallation Guide: Install TSR Workshop on your computer! Wsnewproject.pngCreate A New Project: Every new item starts with this. Wsclothing.pngClothing: Explains how to create a clothing item with TSR Workshop.
Wsmakeup.pngMakeup/Facial Overlay: Masquerade with TSR Workshop! Wshair.pngHair: Learn how to make hair. Wsaccessories.pngAccessories: Create new accesssoires.
Wsobjects.pngObjects: Learn how to create new objects. Wsicon.pngPatterns: Learn how to create new patterns.


Wsimageeditor.pngInterface: Preferences, Project Contents, 3D Preview etc. Wsimportexport.pngImport/Export: Projects, Sims3Pack, Textures, Meshes etc. Iconexportcomplate.pngTextures: The textures used in The Sims 3 explained.
Iconvertex.pngMeshes: Everything about the 3D shape which make up your items. Wsphotoshop.png2D Programs: Programs suited for editing The Sims 3 textures. Ws3dview.png3D Programs: Programs suited for meshing objects, hair etc.
Wsimageeditor.pngAutogenerate Sunshadows: Update the sun shadow for objects. Wsimageeditor.pngGeostates: How to assign these to your object meshes. Wsicon.pngTSR Workshop Errors: Find out what they are about.
Wsicon.pngWSO Specification: The programming of the WSO file format.


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TSR Workshop
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