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This category contains all documentations for the TSR Workshop.


Learn how to download and install TSR Workshop on your computer with our Installation Guide.


Preferences: Customize TSR Workshop to your wishes.

3D Preview: See your creation in real-time 3D while creating.

Image Editor: Manage the textures import/export.

Pattern Browser: Find the right patterns for your creation.

Project Contents: Manage the resources included in your project.

TextureStepEditor: Modify the texture compositing.


Unique Identifier: Learn more about the string which makes your CAS items unique.

Export Complate: Export the composited texture made of all textures in the project.

Import/Export: TSR Workshop is able to handle Sims3Packs and Packages.

WRK: The TSR Workshop format used to save projects.

WSO: The exchange format between TSR Workshop and 3D applications.


Learn how to Create A New Project and proceed with the walkthrough of your choice below.

See also our Pattern Tool Manual.
Note: TSR Workshop is still in development. Therefore the guides could miss the newest features or show functions which look now different or got removed.
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