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This page gives an overview of all objects found using the BuyDebug cheat as described on the Cheats and Tricks page. The list does not contain Spawners, only 'Misc Objects' and 'Tomb Objects'. Items which also appear in the regular 'Buy Mode' have not been duplicated here.


Base Game Objects

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Expansion Pack Objects

World Adventures

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Late Night

Icon Object Name Purchase
Scores Needs Skills
File:Simmy Award.png Simmy Award §0 §0 §0 Environment: 6    
File:Caution Barrier.png Caution Barrier §0 §0 §0      
File:Caution Barrier with Light.png Caution Barrier with Light §0 §0 §0      
File:City Planter Box - Long.png City Planter Box - Long §0 §0 §0      
File:City Planter Box - Short.png City Planter Box - Short §0 §0 §0      
File:City Planter Box - Square.png City Planter Box - Square §0 §0 §0      
File:Cylindrical Bollards.png Cylindrical Bollards §0 §0 §0      
File:Green Orb Award.png Green Orb Award §0 §0 §0 Environment: 6    
File:Landgraab DEelux Scaffolding.png Landgraab Delux Scaffolding §0 §0 §0      
File:Metropolitan Building.png Metropolitan Building §0 §0 §0      
File:Metropolitan Building2.png Metropolitan Building §0 §0 §0      
File:Movie Set Piece - Crates Theme.png Movie Set Piece - Crates Theme §0 §0 §0      
File:Movie Set Piece - Scientist Theme.png Movie Set Piece - Scientist Theme §0 §0 §0      
File:Movie Set Piece - Wagon Theme.png Movie Set Piece - Wagon Theme §0 §0 §0      
File:Sims Choice Award.png Sims Choice Award §0 §0 §0 Environment: 6    
File:Subway Station.png Subway Station §0 §0 §0      
File:Unsightly Urban Trash Can.png Unsightly Urban Trash Can §0 §0 §0      
File:Well-Kept Municipal Trash Can.png Well-Kept Municipal Trash Can §0 §0 §0      
File:Central Air - Elbow Down.png Central Air - Elbow Down §45 §4.5 §18      
File:Central Air - Elbow Down End.png Central Air - Elbow Down End §45 §4.5 §18      
File:Central Air - Elbow Up.png Central Air - Elbow Up §45 §4.5 §18      
File:Central Air Duct.png Central Air Duct §45 §4.5 §18      
File:Oil Barrel.png Oil Barrel §75 §7.5 §30      
File:Old's Cool Wooden Crates.png Old's Cool Wooden Crates §200 §20 §80      
File:Director's Seat of Power.png Director's Seat of Power §300 §30 §120   Comfort: 1  
File:Blingaboo.png Blingaboo §1,000 §100 §400      
File:Magic Vampire Gnome.png Magic Vampire Gnome §1,000 §100 §400      
File:Iconic Jam Guitar.png Iconic Jam Guitar §2,000 §200 §800   Fun: 2 + Guitar Skill
+ Portable
File:Super-Stretch Television Experience.png Super-Stretch Television Experience §5,000 §500 §2,000   Fun: 8 + Cooking
+ Athletic
+ Gardening
+ Fishing
File:The Majestic Grotto Hot Tub.png The Majestic Grotto Hot Tub §12,000 §1,200 §4,800 Environment: 5
Stress Relief: 4
Fun: 5  
File:Extravagator 5000.png Extravagator 5000 §15,000 §1,500 §6,000 Speed: 10    


Icon Object Name Purchase
Scores Description
File:High School Diploma.png High School Diploma §0 Environment: 2 This is a Diploma for Sims who have graduated from High School
File:The King's Crown.png The King's Crown §1 Environment: 2 A reward received from being voted Prom King
File:The Queen's Crown.png The Queen's Crown §1 Environment: 2 A reward received from being voted Prom Queen
File:Art Show Participation Trophy.png Art Show Participation Trophy §100 Environment: 2 This is a reward for Art Club members
File:Ballet Shoes Sculpture.png Ballet Shoes Sculpture §100 Environment: 3 This is a reward for lead ballet dancers
File:Best Ballet Dancer Trophy.png Best Ballet Dancer Trophy §100 Environment: 2 This is a reward for accomplished ballet dancers
File:Bistro Bento Art.png Bistro Bento Art §100 Environment: 1 This is a souvenir for visiting a Bistro on a Field Trip
File:Debate Club Participation Tropy.png Debate Club Participation Trophy §100 Environment: 2 This is an award for Debate Club members
File:Drama Club Participation Trophy.png Drama Club Participation Trophy §100 Environment: 2 This is an award for Drama Club members
File:Framed LP.png Framed LP §100 Environment: 3 This is an award for a Music Club President
File:Framed Newspaper.png Framed Newspaper §100 Environment: 3 This is an award for the Newspaper Club Editor
File:Framed Scout Badge.png Framed Scout Badge §100 Environment: 3 This is an award for talented Scouts
File:Framed Sports Jersey.png Framed Sports Jersey §100 Environment: 3 This is an award for the Sports Club President
File:Scouting Trophy.png Scouting Trophy §100 Environment: 3 This is an award for accomplished Scouts
File:Shop Club Participation Trophy.png Shop Club Participation Trophy §100 Environment: 3 This is an award for Shop Club members
File:Sports Club Participation Trophy.png Sports Club Participation Trophy §100 Environment: 3 This is an award fro Sports Club members
File:Signed Movie Poster.png Signed Movie Poster §300 Environment: 4 This is an award for Leads in the Drama Club
File:Spooky Graveyard Poster.png Spooky Graveyard Poster §300 Environment: 4 This is a souvenir from attending a Field Trip to a Graveyard
File:Sweet Cupcake Painting.png Sweet Cupcake Painting §500 Environment: 5 This is an award for Art Club President
File:Theater Dressing Room Mirror.png Theater Dressing Room Mirror §500 Environment: 3
Fun: 5
+ Charisma
This is a souvenir from visiting a Theater on a Field Trip
File:Hover Bed.png Hover Bed §1,500 Environment: 9
Stress Relief: 3
Energy: 10
This is a Lifetime Reward object
File:Memorial to a Magic Gnome.png Memorial to a Magic Gnome §1,500 Environment: 5 This is a memorial to a dearly departed gnome
File:Motive Magenta 3000.png Motive Magenta 3000 §5,000 Speed: ? This is a Lifetime Reward object
File:Daycare Van.png Daycare Van §6,000 Speed: 4


Icon Object Name Purchase
Scores Description
File:Dog Dig Spot.png Dog Dig Spot §0   Dogs like to dig here
File:Hole.png Hole §0   A dog dug this hole
File:Ball of Yarn.png Ball of Yarn §0   Yarn is soft and stringy!
File:Bits of Rock.png Bits of Rock §0   Once a beloved Pet Rock... now a pile of less loved roxk bits.
File:Bow WOW Chew Toy.png Bow WOW Chew Toy §0  
File:Catnip Mouse.png Catnip Mouse §0   His name is 'Mickey'.
File:Chew Toy Bone.png Chew Toy Bone §0  
File:Foil Ball.png Foil Ball §0   A shiny ball of foil!
File:Old Mill.png Old Mill §0   An Old Mill
File:Paper Ball.png Paper Ball §0   A discarded piece of paper.
File:Plastic Ball.png Plastic Ball §0   A plastic cat toy.
File:Toy Scraps.png Toy Scraps §0   All that remains of a well loved pet toy.
File:Yesterday's News.png Yesterday's News §0   A rubber pet toy.
File:Broken Wagon.png Broken Wagon §100 Environment: 9 This wooden wagon broke long ago.
File:Sasquatch Standee.png Sasquatch Standee §127   A decorative wooden cutout.
File:Bottomless Pet Bowl.png Bottomless Pet Bowl §200   (Lifetime Reward Object) Give your pet a bowl that provides high quality sustenance and never needs refilling.
File:Self Cleaning Box Stall.png Self Cleaning Box Stall §250   (Lifetime Reward Object) Every pet deserves a clean place to live. Give your horse a box stall that never needs to be cleaned.
File:Pet Hygienator.png Pet Hygienator §400   (Lifetime Reward Object) Quick and easy way to clean your pet!
File:Neighborhood Tree Guard.png Neighborhood Tree Guard §450 Environment: 3 Insert Tree. Watch it flourish. The city is more beautiful. The air quality is improved. Why didn't we add trees sooner?
File:Super Spooky Tree.png Super Spooky Tree §450 Environment: 3 This tree is rumored to be haunted! Even the squirrels stay away...
File:Celestial Salt Lick.png Celestial Salt Lick §500   (Lifetime Reward Object) A little taste of paradise discguised in the form of a sparkling salt lick.
File:Covered Wagon.png Covered Wagon §500   An authentic covered wagon.
File:Dinosaur Statue.png Dinosaur Statue §800   A statue of a dinosaur.
File:Equine of Excellence.png Equine of Excellence §800 Environment: 6 Equine of Excellence is a fabulous sculpture that displays the epitome of wisdom and fame. Its magnificent large stature and wings bring awe to those that gaze upon it.
File:Super Swank Pet Bed.png Super Swank Pet Bed §800   (Lifetime Reward Object) A really swanky pet bed, so your pet can sleep in style.
File:Carter Caninenimus.png Carter Caninenimus §1,000   This magic gnome is a fiercely loyal companion.
File:Felix Felinenimus.png Felix Felinenimus §1,000   Cute and cuddly, just like a real cat! And, like a real cat, you never know what kind of trouble this magic gnome will be up to...
File:Freezer Bunny Magic Gnome.png Freezer Bunny Magic Gnome §1,000   The cutest magic gnome ever!
File:Zenyatta.png Zenyatta §1,000   This magical gnome is still as can be. Yet, when you aren't looking, you sense this gnome moves very fast indeed...
File:Headless Windmill.png Headless Windmill §2,130   This windmill lacks blades.

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