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This page describes the Build Mode Buttons.

Building Your Lot

The first thing you must acquire, obviously, is a lot to place your digs in. By clicking on the build button in your neighborhood view you can scroll across the neighborhood and see the vacant lots. You can choose one of these lots and a window pops up describing lot price and giving you the option to build on the lot by clicking the build button on the pop up. Below is a list of Build Mode attributes and what they can do.

Build Mode Buttons


Number Tool Name What it can do
1Terrain ToolThere are several tools associated with this Tool. The Terrain Tool allows you to dig a hole, flatten your lot, build a mound, etc. This is the tool you use to make your lot dimensional.
2Terrain PaintThis tool lets you change the ground cover to anything from really rich looking grass to sand to an interesting rocky ground.
3Water ToolObviously this tool lets you build ponds on your lot with ease.
4FoliageThis is where you will find all your landscaping items from flowers to plants to trees to rocks.
5Foundatons and DecksNow if you want a home with a foundation this is the tool you would use. Just drag it from across the grid tiles for with width and depth of your foundation.
6Doors This is where you will find all the doors for your house, Including the Garage Door.
7Floor Tiles All Floor Tiles can be Found Here.
8Wall ToolThis is the tool that you use to build your walls. Walls can be built on a foundation or flat on the ground.
9Wall Paper This is where you can choose from Paint, Wallpaper, Masonry, Stone, etc for your walls.
10Fireplace Fireplaces obviously found here.
11Windows This is where you can find our Windows.
12Roof ToolSims 3 automatically chooses a roof by default. This tool allows you to do away with the auto roof and choose your own. You can also choose the color of your roof here.
13StairsThis is where you will find a variety of stairs that are interchangeable From inside to outdoors.
14ArchwaysThese are the archways that can be placed to give entry ways inside your house.
15ColumnsThis is where the games columns can be found.
16GatesGates are found here. Gates are the “doorways” for fencing.
17FencesA variety of fences can be found here including garden edging. Also in the fences are 2 different types of continuous bushes.
18Pools This is the place to find everything you need to build a pool.

Did you know?

You must exit to Edit Town and save the town to save your lot?

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