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Presenting Bridgeport, the new town/neighbourhood included in the Late Night Expansion Pack


Welcome to Bridgeport

Approaching Bridgeport

Bridgeport was founded by Ebenenezer Alto at the turn of the century. It was once a bustling port city that was inhabited by fishermen and smugglers. But when the film industry came to the city celebrities, Simoleons and shimmering lights took over. Now it is a vibrant city with a buzzing nightlife and lively clubs. Bridgeport has really landed on the map. Will the powerful lights bring the city's past into the light? Bridgeport is divided into two main areas, an urban city center/downtown and a wealthier sub-urban area with luxury mansions where many of the celebrities lives .

For the very first time, your Sims can experience late night fun and become a VIP! With an all-access pass they can go to the hottest spots in town and mingle with celebrities or maybe meet a vampire or just enjoy a night out with the friends. Your Sims' social lives will boost enormously! But some scenes are more exclusive than others, so make sure your Sims' have the right connections to get past the bouncers at the hottest clubs. If your Sim can't get past they might have to take out some simoleans and bribe the bouncer! They'll also discover new things to become celebrities themselves, but look out for the paparazzis that will take photos of your Sims' wherever they are.

What will your Sims get up to after dark?

Bridgeport Downtown

Bridgeport Downtown

Bridgeport has two main areas as mentioned before and is similar to Twinbrook with a bridge connecting the hillside area with the downtown area. The town has been described as a mix between American cities, San Francisco, Los Angeles and even New York but the latter is not true according to EA.

The downtown area has high rises and skyscrapers with penthouselofts and smaller flats for your Sims to move into and it’s near to the nightlife after work. There are several bars and clubs, restaurants, parks and other community lots to satisfy your Sims every need. Your Sim can find a job in any of the employment lots and use the new way of transport, the subway system to travel to work or to other parts of town. On the left side is the old harbour and on the right side you'll find a small beach, Smuggler's Cave.

Residential Lots

Penthouseloft with walls down

A new feature in Bridgeport is that your Sim can now live in a flat or a penthouseloft in the city like in The Sims 2 Expantion Pack Appartmentlife. All flats are located at the top of the buildings/skyscrapers. They enter the building at streetlevel and go by elevator to the topfloor.

There can be NPC Sims living in other appartments in the same building but they are all hidden as this is a new type of rabbithole and your Sims can't enter their appartments for a visit. They can however contact them through an intercom system located in the lobby at streetlevel or from their own apartment after purchasing one from the alarm category in buymode. Or you can let your Sim knock on the door and the sim living in that appartment will come out to chat if they want to. Visitors to your Sim will use the intercom when they wish to come in and you can either accept or ignore the wish. It is also in the lobby your sim can pick up the bills.

If your sim doesn't want to do any housework they can hire a butler to do the work for them. Make sure you have an extra bed as the butler will live with your sim around the clock. But beware, if your sim doesn't treat the butler well he might quit the job!

You can decorate and add new walls in the appartment but you can't edit the lobby area or the exterior of the residential rabbitholes (unless you use cheats).

Community Lots

AJV Workout Center, the Gym

Because of the limited space in downtown Bridgeport, a community lot can have more than one function. The City Hall also houses the police and military headquarters and the Spa and bookstore are in the same building. The office complex also have a restaurant and they are all the usual rabbitholes and you can't follow your sim more than to the front door.

Some community lots function like the buildings with appartments, all bars, discos and the gym have a lobby where your sim enter the building to use a lift to go the the specific floor.

There are several parks downtown, the biggest one is the Butterfly Park with the big glassdome where your sim can collect butterflies and spend some qualitytime away from the busy city. There are 4 new stones/gems, 3 new insects and 3 new fish to collect and catch in Bridgeport.

Employment Lots

The Film Studio

As usual there are lots of places for your sim to get a job. If you have the EP Ambitions there is also the Firestation and the stylist shop with a tatoo parlour like in Twinbrook.

New for Bridgeport is the Plumbob Productions Backlot, a Film Studio for the Filmcareer. This is also a rabbithole so you can't follow your sim inside but your sim can go out and do assignments in town when he or she have climbed a bit in the career. Outside on the lot you'll see a few movie sets with props but these are just for show and you can't command your sim to do anything on them. They can only walk there and look at them.


Subway station

Bridgeport also features a new way of transportation for your Sim, the subway. There are stations everywhere in downtown and out in the more remote locations in town. When traveling with the Subway you click on the station and choose a destination. Using the Subway is a fast and easy way to go to other places, especially for sims who thinks about the environment. If environmental minded sims use a taxi or a car they will get a negative moodlet for 30 minutes but they can also do carpooling to and from work when they get to know some of their co-workers.

If you like your sim to have a bicycle or a scooter just place a bikerack and a bike/scooter in the appartment and drag the bike/scooter to your sims inventory, then delete the rack and your sim will have a bike/scooter to use instead. If the appartment is big enough you can do the same with a car.

Bridgeport Celebrities

Homes of celebrities

On the other side of the bridge you'll find the wealthier part of Bridgeport. Many celebrities have chosen to live here in luxurious houses with pools and large gardens. The area is quiet, except when there is a large party going on, it is close to the city but still a bit far away from everything.

It might be a good idea for your sim to get to know as many celebrities as he or she can, so let your sim attend their parties if you get an invite and this can maybe lead to a better friendship between you and the other sim in question. But be careful when you let your sim approach a 4 or 5 star celebrity as they might think he/she isn't worth to know unless you can impress them really well. If you do it well, this can help your sim to reach stardom themselves. The way is to impress them, talk to them about things that interest them and ask for an autograph and it will boost your sims way into higher status.

Being a Celebrity

Being a celebrity has many benefits. Not only will you have access to the hottest clubs, VIP-Rooms, your sim will also receive gifts of various values. They will also get discounts everywhere, in shops, clubs and bars but if the reputation isn't good at the moment you'll find the treatment of your sim will decline during this period. So beware of doing anything inappropriate in public because there are paparazzis everywhere to document what you are doing and rumours will be spread about it.

Bad Reputation

If this happens to your sim, correctly or false, they can go to City Hall and file a lawsuit for slander. Your sim might win or loose and in the latter case also have to pay for the cost of the trial. Your sim can also go to the office building and try to redirect the bad reputation to another sim and if this doesn't help, pay the paparazzi some money to have your sims reputation cleared.

New Careers

Movie Career

With Late Night comes new skills and new careers and career opportuntities. A new career is the movie career. Your sim will work at the Plumbob Productions Backlot from 13:00 - 19:00. From level two your sim will get assignments all around town and you can send your sim there during working hours. It can be to promote a new movie, have a look at a new movie made by another studio or just go to bars and give out flyers. If the task isn't finished before working hours your sim will work overtime. It is a good thing to send your sim out to do as many of these as possible as this will help them in climbing in their career.

From level five your sim can choose to become an actor/actress or a filmdirector. One task for a future filmdirector is to go to a location and do some additional filming for the latest movie.

You can read more about the new skills on seperate pages. Mixology Skill, Piano Skill, Drums Skill, Guitar Skill and Bass Skill


Eating Plasma Fruit

Vampires can look like any other sim except for their bright eyes and a possible spiky tattoo on their neck. Vampires are also creatures of the night and can't be out in the sun for very long. Every second they stay outside during the day they will feel pain and can loose some of the special vampire power. These special powers are reading other sims minds, hunting for possible victims and the fast vampire running. A vampire will also learn faster during the night, unhumanly fast.

When playing a vampire you have to take care of their thirst instead of food. When hungry they can eat plasma fruit, drink a plasma drink from the fridge or feed of a sim they have good relations with. Vampires can ask another sim if they want to turn into a vampire and if the sim has a good relation with him or her they will be bitten by the neck. Otherwise the regular sim will hold out the arm and the vampire will bite there instead. A regular sim can ask a vampire to turn them into one and if they agree this will happen but the vampire can decline the wish your sim has. A vampire can also ask a sim if they want to be turned. When tired your vampire will sleep floating over a coffin only using the bed for a nap or a rest.

A vampire can be cured by buying a cure from the Science laboratory for about §3000 and after the cure they will loose all the powers and he or she will become a normal sim.

Bars and Clubs

Fun at the Bubble Bar

Sims are very social and if they don't meet and talk to another sim in a while they will feel lonely and the mood will drop quickly. In Bridgeport there are many clubs, discos and bars where they can meet new sims and celebrities. Your sim will have a great time visiting any of those. If your sim is not yet a celebrity with at least one star, he or she might have to bribe the bouncer to get access to the hottest rooms of the clubs.

Your sim can order barfood and several types of drinks for themselves or for a whole group. In some clubs your sim can try out the Bubble Bar which is a fun way to spend some part of the evening. The clubs and bars are open until 2am - 4am. Some have a happy hour with cheaper prices. Sometimes the clubs are a bit deserted and sometimes there are a lot of other sims there too. Here is a list of them all.

  • Aquarius - A posh nightclub at the top of a skyscraper with an outdoor Hot tub and swimmingpool. Opening hours 17:00 - 04:00
  • Waylon's Haunt - A seedy dive-bar near the port. Opening hours 11:00 - 03:00. Happy Hour 18:00
  • The Prosper Room - An exclusive Club, that features a band area. Opening hours 14:00 - 02:00
  • Banzai Lounge - A dancing club, featuring a V.I.P. room. Opening hours 14:00 - 02:00
  • Bridgeport Sports Zone - A sportsbar with a band area near the Sports Arena. Opening hours 117:00 - 03:00. Happy Hour 17:00
  • The Plasma 501 - An exclusive Vampire Bar to meet Vampires and perhaps become one. Opening hours 14:00 - 02:00
  • The Grind - A Disco Club near the ocean. Between PP Backlot, and Science Factory. Opening hours 17:00 - 04:00
  • Eugi's - A dive club, on the outside of the Town Square. Opening hours 17:00 - 04:00
  • (Name missing) - A bar below streetlevel, has a band area. Opening hours 11:00 - 03:00. Happy Hour 19:00


The Cemetery

Bridgeport is not just a crowded city. It has several parks for your sim to go and relax in and have a nice time. Just outside, on the north side is one big park with a pond and a childrens playground. Beside it is a smaller park but with a bigger pond and of course your sim can go fishing here. The local school is nearby and if you go in the other direction, after passing the hospital, you'll end up at the small beach Smuggler's Cave.

Further away lies Bridgeport Cemetery, a rather big and quite beautiful cemetery. It has a large fountain, the usual mausoleum and a little pond where your sim can fish for one of the favorite fishes after midnight. Some new insects can be found and if your sim is a vampire he or she might find something else too. Let your sim walk into the building on the right and discover what lies deep down underground.

On the other side of the bridge, after going pass the homes of the rich and famous, there are two nature parks. The Buena Vista park has both a swimmingpool and a hot tub. A large fishingpond with a small waterfall lies at the end of it. There is also a bigger waterfall running from the larger pond/lake into the Bay, through a natural stoneformation.

Returning families

There are no returning families from previous Sims related games in Bridgeport, only referencies to other towns you'll find in Sims 3. There is a reference about a possible ancestor to the Alto Family who founded the town. His name was Ebenezer Alto. You'll find the Alto Family living in Sunset Valley. It's also mentioned in the description for the Big Bling Household that they moved here from Twinbrook.


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