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Welcome to TSR's own Sims 3 Book Guide! Here you'll find tips, tables, all sorts to do with books in the Sims 3. I'll cover book prices, the different genre of books, recipe books, skill books and lots more in this guide. This is your one stop shop for eternal knowledge on books in the Sims 3.

Books have all sorts of uses in the Sims 3. You can learn skills such as cooking, fishing, as well as book to help your children to grow, with 'Childhood Development' books. We'll start off with a table of General Books in the Sims, found here: Apple#Bookstore Inventory - General good for a general read, and to please your bookworm Sims.


Skills Books

There are some books which offer different skills, and similar ones that raise certain skills, logic and charisma for example. These can be useful if your Sim wants to sit at home and learn. The table below is again in price order, starting with the cheapest.

Table of Skill Books

Title Game Version Skill Level Required Price
Logic Vol. 1: Knights vs. BishopsBase GameLogic0§50
Cooking Vol. 1: Too Much Salt!Base GameCooking0§50
Handiness Vol. 1: Unplug It First!Base GameHandiness0§50
Charisma Vol. 1: Fixing the Friend ProblemBase GameCharisma0§350
Gardening Vol. 1: The Watercan ChroniclesBase GameGardening0§350
Charisma Vol. 2: Talking to AnyoneBase GameCharisma3§500
Gardening Vol. 2: Odor Free FertilizerBase GameGardening3§500
Cooking Vol. 2: Why You Need Baking SodaBase GameCooking3§500
Logic Vol. 2: To Xor or Not to XorBase GameLogic3§500
Handiness Vol. 2: Turn Off the WaterBase GameHandiness3§500
Charisma Vol. 3: Becoming IrresistableBase GameCharisma6§750
Handiness Vol. 3: Puddles and Electricity Don't MixBase GameHandiness6§750
Gardening Vol. 3: Gardening to RichesBase GameGardening6§750
Cooking Vol. 3: Yummy and DeliciousBase GameCooking6§750
Logic Vol. 3: 3.14159265Base GameLogic6§750
Martial Arts Vol. 1: Wax On PhilosophicWorld AdventuresMartial Arts0§50
L'amour de Nectar: An Introductory ReaderWorld AdventuresNectar Making0§50
Nactar Making: The Culture, The LifestyleWorld AdventuresNectar Making3§500
Advanced NectarologyWorld AdventuresNectar Making6§750
Photography Vol. 1: Taking Off the Lens CapWorld AdventuresPhotography0§50
Inventing Vol. 1: Nuts and BoltsAmbitionsInventing0§28
Inventing Vol. 2: Create & DetonateAmbitionsInventing3§275
Inventing Vol. 3: Inside the Robot MindAmbitionsInventing6§413
Mixology Vol. 1: It's All in the PourLate NightMixology0§28
Mixology Vol. 2: Shaken or Stirred? Thats the question!Late NightMixology3§275
Mixology Vol. 3: Strategic Drink Mixing for ProfessionalsLate NightMixology6§413

Fishing Books

Want to give your Sims with the Fishing Trait extra knowledge on fishing? These books will certainly expand their fishing knowledge, and may also teach them about new fish they can catch. The table is in price order, starting with the cheapest.

Table of Fishing Books

Title Game Version Level Required Price
The Wee Swimmers: Reeling Anchovy and MinnowBase Game1§100
The Whiskered Deep: Catfish and YouBase Game1§200
Gilled Tragedy: Trout and Clownfish Baiting TechniquesBase Game3§300
All That Glitters Is GoldfishBase Game4§400
Predators of the Deep: Piranha, Shark and Swordfish TipsBase Game4§500
Sushi Swimmers: How to Catch Tuna, Salmon, and BlowfishBase Game4§700
Heavenly Delicacies: Hooking Angelfish and LobsterBase Game6§1,000
Binary Fishing and Analog Bait for Robot FishBase Game6§1,600
Fishing for the Dead: Deathfish and Vampire Fish on the LineBase Game7§2,500
Delicate Decorations: Katching Kawarimono Koi (and Doitsu)World Adventures0§75
The Art of Koi Ponds: Ochiba and TanchoWorld Adventures3§400
Mythical Fish Vol. 1: Discovering DragonsWorld Adventures7§1,500
French Delicacies: Capturing Frogs, Snails and CrawfishWorld Adventures0§100
Dead-ly Delights: Catching Crocodiles and Mummy FishWorld Adventures2§750

Recipe Books

Does your Sim have a culinary flair? Maybe they like reading up about cooking, exploring different flavours or trying exotic foods. If any of these fit your Sims' bio, they should probably read books like these next ones coming up. They're arranged in price order so you can work your way up!

Table of Recipe Books

Title Game Version Level Required Price
RatatouilleBase Game1§25
Fish and ChipsBase Game3§50
CookiesBase Game3§100
Fruit ParfaitBase Game4§200
CheesecakeBase Game5§300
CobblerBase Game6§450
Eggs MachiavellianBase Game7§580
Tri-Tip SteakBase Game8§650
Stuffed TurkeyBase Game9§800
Baked Angel Food CakeBase Game10§1,000
AmbrosiaBase Game10§12,000
Cheese PlateWorld Adventures1§100
BouillabaisseWorld Adventures3§100
CrepesWorld Adventures8§540
Frogs LegsWorld Adventures3§900
Stir-FryWorld Adventures6§200
Egg RollsWorld Adventures2§325
ShawarmaWorld Adventures1§325
FalafelWorld Adventures5§475

Sheet Music

Do you have a musical Sim, looking to broaden their horizons, learn new notes, be on the path to musical success? These books will help your Sims along that path. Table arranged in price order. Your Sim needs a minimum Musical skill level of 5 in order to learn from reading these books.

Table of Sheet Music

Title Game Version Level Required Price
Guitar Level 5: Yes Ma'am, I DoBase GameGuitar: 5§100
Guitar Level 6: Flamenco FeverBase GameGuitar: 6§250
Guitar Level 7: A Perfect MomentBase GameGuitar: 7§425
Guitar Level 8: Improvise Here and NowBase GameGuitar: 8§600
Guitar Level 9: Dream EscapeBase GameGuitar: 9§1,400
Bass Level 5: In My TruckLate NightBass: 5§55
Bass Level 6: Cha Cha Cha ChingLate NightBass: 6§138
Bass Level 7: Subway GlancesLate NightBass: 7§234
Bass Level 8: Feeling CheatedLate NightBass: 8§330
Bass Level 9: Gobo TranceLate NightBass: 9§770
Drums Level 5: Howdy! Means HelloLate NightDrums: 5§55
Drums Level 6: Dancing DuelLate NightDrums: 6§138
Drums Level 7: If Only I Had KnownLate NightDrums: 7§234
Drums Level 8: Gobo TranceLate NightDrums: 8§330
Drums Level 9: The Awesome SongLate NightDrums: 9§70
Piano Level 5: Summer HayridesLate NightPiano: 5§55
Piano Level 6: Nicholas's Fresco ImpromptuLate NightPiano: 6§138
Piano Level 7: Wilkinson's Bay SonataLate NightPiano: 7§234
Piano Level 8: Peanut Butter and Jelly BluesLate NightPiano: 8§330
Piano Level 9: Roland ForebearanceLate NightPiano: 9§55

Childhood Development

Do you want to give your Sims' children a kick start in life? A budding artist, a scientific genius in the works? This collection of books will certainly help your Sim children develop a more focused mind, ready to learn later in life. Table displayed in price order, beginning with the cheapest.

Table of Childhood Development Books

Title Price
Jimmy Sprocket and the Squishy Stone§50
Bluish Eggs with a Side of Pastrami§50
Counting for Those Who Cannot§50
Finger Painting 101§50
Handprints of the Masters§125
Jimmy Sprocket and the Chain of Lichens§125
Squares Are Not Triangles§125
Frank I'm Not§125
Oh the Destinations You'll Breifly Visit§210
Don't Stay Within the Lines§210
Jimmy Sprocket and the Escape from "Fun" Land§210
Being Smart for Fun and Profit§210

General Books

This is table of general books, perfect for a good read for your bookworm Sims! From Autobiographies to Romance, the book store has it all. This table is in order of price.

Table of General Books

Title Game Version Genre Price
Point FarmerBase GameAutobiography§25
The Warlock of PalladiaBase GameFantasy§35
Where's Bella?Base GameChildren's§40
The Adventures of RaymundoBase GameChildren's§50
Murder in PleasantviewBase GameMystery§65
A Magnetic AttractionBase GameTrashy§80
Commitment IssuesBase GameDrama§130
Stradegy and Other MessterpiecesBase GameHumor§135
Zombies? Zombies!Base GameSci-Fi§180
Totally Preggers: An Expectant Mother's TaleBase GameNon-Fiction§200
Abstract With TurkeyBase GameFiction§210
Unicorns for AudreyBase GameFantasy§210
Exit at PowellBase GameSatire§230
GpodBase GameSci-Fi§250
Baby Incoming: Preparing With VigilanceBase GameNon-Fiction§300
The EconomyBase GamePolitical Memoir§310
How to Spin PlatesBase GameNon-Fiction§360
Game of ThornsBase GameMystery§405
The Crumplebottom LegacyBase GameHistorical§480
I'm Still CoolBase GameHumor§535
ThunkingBase GameFiction§580
Llama RightsBase GameHistorical§610
Special SnowflakeBase GameRomance§705
On the MarginsBase GameSatire§780
The Point of PointilismBase GameNon-Fiction§875
No Expecting MuchBase GameVaudeville§940
The Noble History of SocksBase GameBiography§1,000
Jimmy Sprocket and the Cave of the DragonWorld AdventuresChildren's$486
Toddlers and ChopsticksWorld AdventuresChildren's$628
Planet BeebozWorld AdventuresSci-Fi$810
The Year of the LlamaWorld AdventuresNon-Fiction$933
The Dragon's AgeWorld AdventuresFantasy$966
The Life and Time of Mr. ChanWorld AdventuresHistorical$1,210
Li Bing and the King's DaughterWorld AdventuresFiction$1,311
Imperial Military TacticsWorld AdventuresNon-Fiction$1,323
Terracotta Bodyguard IIWorld AdventuresFiction$1,355
Raymundo the DragonWorld AdventuresFantasy$1,439
The Rice Tourist's CompanionWorld AdventuresNon-Fiction$1,906
How Rain Built the WorldWorld AdventuresHistorical$1,906
A Wall Between UsWorld AdventuresRomance$2,009
How to Handle FireworksWorld AdventuresNon-Fiction$2,135
Sim Fu: Jumping KicksWorld AdventuresNon-Fiction$2,224
The Memoirs of Chin HanWorld AdventuresHistorical$2,297
Fishing for the MoonWorld AdventuresNon-Fiction$2,394
The International Reader of Fried RiceWorld AdventuresNon-Fiction2,469$
The Dragon RippleWorld AdventuresFantasy$2,475

Did you know?

If your Sim is a celebrated novelist, the books they have written may well appear on the shelves at the local Divisadero Bookstore, so keep a look out!


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