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This page introduces you to Barnacle Bay, a downloadable town for Sims 3 on the official site.


Welcome to Barnacle Bay

Approaching Barnacle Bay

Barnacle Bay is an island nestled in the Simuyan Sea. It is a vibrant vacation getaway with stunning beaches, campgrounds, park and a curiously modern downtown. First settled by pirates, fisherman, and artists - the worlds inhabitants now enjoy relaxing at Smuggler's Beach and letting loose at The Wanderer's Watering Hole. Will your trip be a vacation or a stayvacation?

Let your sim grab a bite to eat at Hogan's Deep Sea Diner before fishing at Ophelia's Fishing Hole. Let them explore the mystery hidden in Pirate's Hideaway or meet new Sims at The Wanderer's Watering Hole and discover the mysterious Barnacle Bay lore by exploring the abandoned piers of Founder's Beach and the relics found within the Goldbeard Galleon Gallery

Get it from the Sims 3 Store. The cost for this town is 1650 simpoints. The town has new sims, new rabbitholes and new objects, hair and clothing, all Pirate Themed.

Town Centre

The Town Centre

Despite being a pirate themed island the town is very modern. It has been built beside the largest beach on the island where your sim also can go fishing. On the beach you'll find Hogan's Deep Sea Diner, a really nice diner and in the evening the area outside is a romatic spot to have parties in. Also on the beach is a recreational area where your sim can take their children, have a pic-nic or just relax.

In the centre is the Townhall with 2 large parks, the hospital and an officebuilding. Nearby are also shops and the movie theatre, the gym and the policestation. The big Arena isn't far away but if your sim would like to visit the Goldbeard Galleon Gallery or The Library he or she has to go across the other side of the island.



All over the island there are beautiful meadows, parks, beaches, a lot of places for your sim to go to and explore. At first it seems to be very little to find on the ground in terms of stones, seeds and insects but after using The Collection Helper I saw a lot of stones and insects. The only thing that there is a lack of are seeds, only a very few in 2 places over the island. My sims have on the other hand when fishing, retrieved both Money Tree Seeds and Deathflower Seeds.

There is not only one cemetery but two if your sim likes the spooky atmosphere you'll find in those places. The Old Cemetery is called 'Dead men don't talk' and the new is called 'Barnacle Bay Boneyard'. The Pirate's Hideaway is also on the opposite side of the island and your sim will be passing both cemeteries on the way to it. What secrets can your sim find there?

There are 7 beaches alltogether where your sim can go fishing or just relax. The most 'famous one' is the Smuggler's Beach you'll find on the opposite side of the island. On the left side of the town an inlet from the sea is leading to the waterfall, passing the Ophelia's Fishing Hole on the left. Above the waterfall is a fishingspot with freshwater where you can fish for salmon and goldfish for example.

But where is the Deathfish you may ask as there is no pond at the cemetery? Well, you can find it when fishing at one of the beaches on the opposite side of the island. A tip is to have a look under the abandoned pier!

The 2 smaller islands

The Lighthouse
Bigger island

On the left and right side of the main island are 2 smaller islands. One has a Lighthouse on it and the other larger one, hasn't got any buildings on it, just vegetation. They are both 'clickable' so is it possible to edit those islands and add some lots, houses and sims to play with? At this point when this is written I haven't seen anything about this so a test was needed.

After adding a few residential lots, a couple of sims, and a community lot on the bigger island I began to play but the game became very slow. It was lagging and froze every 10th-15th seconds so it was really hard to play, even when playing a sim on the main island the game went very slow and it became very hard to manage.

But adding a couple of lots on both of the islands makes the scenery more interesting, as if someone used to live there and they have abandoned their houses but there is one thing to think of then as there is no way back to the main island. When you play a sim on the main island and deside to send him or her to one of the destinations they might end up coming back to the island instead of the main island. Then they are in trouble as they can't get back to their own house, unless they have reached a high skill level in Martial Art so they can meditate/teleport themselves back. Another tester reported that this took a very long time though, because of the serious lagging of the game. If your sim has collected the Eyes of Horus from the tempel Abu Simbel in Egypt, you can leave one of them in your sim's house before leaving and have the other in their inventory so they can teleport back if they end up on the island when returning.

But as there isn't any visible connection with the main island at this point, a wild guess is that playing on these islands isn't a possibility.


A friendly warning if you are thinking of adding empty lots/houses on any of these two islands, make sure your sims have the skills to teleport or they'll be stuck there if they land on them after returning from a destination and can't get home.

Returning families

As in earlier neighbourhoods several returning families from earlier sims related games appear but in Barnacle Bay there is only one to my knowledge.

The Caliente Household

The Caliente Twins and Luisa Libros

Nina and Dina Caliente returns in Barnacle Bay, they both appear in Sims 2 in the neighbourhood Pleasentview. Not much has been mentioned yet how and why they are living here on the island but usually returning sims in Sims 3 are younger than they are when appearing in Sims 2 or other sims related games. Maybe they lived here before they went to Pleasentview?

The sisters love to party, they fight all the time and they love to flirt. Luisa Libros also lives in the household and the sisters are eager to teach her how to be unpleasent and to misbehave!


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