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Athletic Skill

You must develop this skill for the Professional Sports Career, the Criminal Career, and comes in handy for The Law Enforcement Career. Developing the Athletic Skill has certain benefits to a Sim Like living longer and body shape. Cardio workouts help drop pounds while weights improve muscle definition. The higher the Sims Athletic Skill the more they can exercise without getting the Fatigue Moodlet.

Sims have benefits from earning this skill. For instance a really sports minded Sim in Good Athletic Standing will most likely win a fight. Earning the Skill Challenge of Body Builder and you may just impress the opposite sex in conversations. They also get the go jogging want, which improves their skill by running all over the town. But be careful of the hygiene. Exercising generally reduces the hygiene of a Sim rather quickly.


  • Level 1 Once a Sim reaches level one they can to go jogging. They also get the “Don’t Break a Sweat” in the options panel while exercising. They can work out with less hygiene decay. However the skill is earned slower by this option.
  • Level 5 Once a Sim reaches Level 5 he can run faster around the town using the “Go Here” interaction.
  • Level 6 When your Sim reaches Level 6 they will be able to train other Sims by clicking on that Sim. The interaction will be added to your Sims choice of interactions. Your Sim must train them on the exercise machines. When another Sim gets trained by someone with at least a Level 6 they can get in shape faster and gain the athletic skill faster as well.

Skill Challenges

  • Body Builder Your Sim has dedicated at least 60 hours to strength workouts. Once they have completed this challenge they are never fatigued after a strength workout.
  • Marathon Runner Marathon Runners must run at least 500 kilometers for this challenge. If they can accomplish this feat they are guaranteed a longer healthier life.
  • Fitness Nut Fitness Nuts have spent at least 75 hours doing Cardio Workouts. Once they have completed this challenge they are never fatigued after a cardio workouts.


  • Earning the Body Builder title unlocks the Flex social interaction at which time you may be able to impress the opposite sex.
  • Getting a massage at the spa can get rid of the Sore Moodlet Faster.
  • Athletic Sims are more likely to win fights.
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