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This is a short tutorial on how to assign joints to your .obj imported mesh in TSR Workshop.


Import .OBJ File

Open your .wrk in TSR Workshop (Version 2.0.39 or newer required). Go to the Mesh tab and choose to import your newly made .obj file.

TSRW will tell you the import was completed, so just click OK there. Next we have to assign the joints in TSRW.

Unassigned Vertices

If you do not assign the joints to the vertices, your object will be invisible in the game.

Hide Shadow

To assign the vertices to the joint, please first hide the shadow by clicking with your mouse were it says True behind Visible to change it to False.

Joint Assignment Edit Mode

After hiding the shadow, click on the button Edit in the tool bar.

Your screen will now look like this.

Select Vertices

Select the Rectangular Selection and draw a box around your mesh. In the top yellow bar you can now see 0 of 155 vertices selected, after drawing a box around your new table, it will say 155 of 155 vertices selected, this number can obviously variate for each mesh you make.

Assign Vertices

Now click on the little bone icon to bring up the tab to assign the joints.

Click on the top drop-down list and select transformbone.

Next you move the slider right under that dropdown to 1,0 (its default is 0,0).

After doing that click on the button Assign To Selected.

You have now assigned the vertices of your coffeetable to the joint for the high detail mesh. Click on Edit on top again to go back to the normal view again.

Unhide Shadow

Click on the False behind the Shadows Visible attribute to have it showing again.

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