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This page covers the Archway Tool and how to use it.

Archway Tool

An archway is basically a door that doesn't have to be opened or closed. Archways are great for making a kitchen and dining room appear more open or for linking a living room to a family room. They are generally not used for bedrooms or bathrooms since privacy is usually desired. You can see a full list of available standard archways look in Arches.

Archway Placement


To create an archway, click on the Archway tool, select the desired archway and place the archway on an existing wall. Most doors have archways designed to compliment them, so you may want to consider that when choosing an archway.

Available archways range from the exceedingly plain to the very ornate and come in either one or two tile versions. Note that the archways take up two tiles for the one-tile version and three tiles for the two-tile version, so you need to have adequate free space in your room.

Did you know

Keep your Sims traffic flowing smoothly by placing additional archways to rooms. This makes sure your Sims won't bar each other's way.

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