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Presentation of Appaloosa Plains, the new town included in the 5th Expansion Pack Pets.


Welcome to Appaloosa Plains

Approaching Appaloosa Plains

At one point Appaloosa Plains was a sleepy ranching township, its only claim to fame being a garish tourist trap that drew in the occasional passerby. However, a recent influx of city slickers has turned the area into a bustling hub of activity. They keep arriving with their stacks of Simoleons, retrofitting the town with modern amenities while eagerly believing they've acquired their own slice of country paradise.

The clash between the old and new is readily apparent, with some elderly die-hards clinging to the remaining vestiges of life as they knew it. Will the town come together in the new era of prosperity, or will the generational clash leave a clear line drawn in the sand?

Your sims will love to explore the town, visit the Equestrian Centre or the Training Grounds with their horses. Visit the Dog Park or the Cat Jungle with their cats and dogs. If you purchased the Limited Edition of the game you also have a cute Pet Store to place in the neighbourhood and there you sim can have a look at other small animals and purchase them.

Your sim might also be lucky enough to meet some of the wild animals around the neighbourhood, like wild horses, wild deers and racoons. Maybe they will even spot a Unicorn!

Town Centre

Town Centre

As in the other towns your sims can find almost everything in the Town Centre. In Appaloosa Plains the Town Centre is situated on a higher plain, overlooking the lower plain and the river that passes by. In the past it was a cowboy ranch town turned ghosttown, but as time has gone by it has again become a big city.

Beside all the usual buildings you'll find the big Dog's Day Town Plaza for a lovely walk with your dogs where the pond is shaped like a dogbone. Not far away is the Novigan Community Cat Jungle for your cats and they will have fun playing in this big park where the pond is shaped like a cat.

For your sims entertainment there is The Watering Hole Saloon beside the Appaloosa County Historical Society. There are also restaurants and other places for every type of entertainment and if your sims just like a cool snack let them buy an icecream from the icecream truck Frosty Dreams that circle the town.


Part of the Lower Plain

The area where the town is situated is a prairie like landscape in several levels. The Town Centre on the higher level with more dry and sandy grounds and the lower with a more luscious green ground with grass and trees.

In this lower part of the town you'll find large Horse Ranches, larger houses with big gardens, The Equestrian Centre and The Regional Training Grounds. There is also a community area called the Adventure Landing near the rivers's edge with sundecks for sunbathing and a BBQ area. Perfect for a party when the sun sets in the evening.

Above the Town Centre you'll find some large and expensive homes and on the left side of them, hiding behind a small hill, you'll find Rustler's Den, the building for the Criminal Career.

There are several fishingspots beside the river and one of them is at the Appaloosa County Water Treatment. You will probably find the Deathfish and the Vampirefish at the graveyard, after dark... as usual.


Finally your sim can own a pet to love and care for. There are many to choose from and one way to purchase them is to use the option adopt from a shelter, using the computer or the newspaper. Your sim can also look for neighbours who are willing to let your sim adopt the offspring from their pets. Adopting a pet from a shelter and from a neighbour is free. There are stray cats and dogs too in town and your sim can befriend them if you let them, and they would love to be adopted too.

You can also create cats, dogs and horses in CAS when you make a new household with many breads to pick from. Pets have their own traits, have a look at them all on Pet Traits Defined before you create your own pet.

Cats and Dogs

Dog and Cat socialize

Whatever you plan for your sim, having pets is a big responsability. Cats and dogs, as all the animals in your sims care, neads a lot of attention otherwise the socialworker will come and return them to the shelter. They can both get flees so your sim needs to bathe them often, and be sure to give them a brush now and then so their coat is nice and clean. Buy a toybox so they can get their frustration satisfied with chewing and they will not chew your furniture. If they do, give them a scolding for it but don't forget to praise your cat or dog when they are behaving good and sure enough, they will be the perfect pet some day. Don't forget to buy a foodbowl, a litterbox or a petbed for your animals.

Your sim can also take the dog for a walk, cats are of course independent so they don't need a walk. Both cats and dogs can learn the huntingskill and your sim can teach them. When playing your sim, click on the pet and see what he/she can do with them.

Read on these pages about the Dog Hunting Skill and Cat Hunting Skill.


Horse Riding

As mentioned above your sim can adopt a horse from a shelter or from a neighbour for free, but he/she can also buy a horse at the Equestrian Center. At the Center your sim can later on offer his/her stallion for stud (if they own one), breed a mare or even sell the horse when they get tired of them for some reason. But owning a horse is fun isn't it? Maybe enter a racing or jumping competition, but both your sim and the horse must have some skill to do so. Start by going for a ride and then visit the Training Ground. There they can start training for racing and jumping over gates and soon both will be ready to enter a beginners competition.

Don't forget to buy the necessary equipment for horses, food and water and a big Horse Ball. When playing with the Horse Ball, your horse will get a great and fun exercise. Make sure your sim also give their horse a lot of love and care, they feel so much better then. Read here about the Riding Skill, Horse Jumping Skill and Horse Racing Skill.

Small Animals

In the Pet Shop

Your sim can buy smaller animals too and keep them in cages or terrariums depending what kind of animal you get. There are turtles, snakes, birds, rodents and lizards to choose from. If you have the Limited Edition of the game you have a Pet Shop to place in town or you can build your own Pet Shop and place in the neighbourhood. You can also buy the cages/terrariums in buy mode and then purchase the animal when clicking the cage/terrarium, them let your sim give them food and they will be alright. But of course your sim can take the animals out and play with them too.

One other 'thing' you can buy is an ant farm! First it just looks like a flat glassbox, filled with sand but after a while things start to happen!

Wild Animals

Meeting a Wild Deer

Running around wild through the town and surroundings are Wild Horses, Wild Deers and Racoons. This will of course happen in whatever town you have installed but you might have to place a few Hitchingposts with water and hay in other towns near waterfalls or in other places.

Your sim can get friendly with the wild animals if they choose the option to 'watch' them a few times first before trying to approach them. After some time the wild animals will be brave enough to let your sim pet them. Finally your sim can be friends with them and even adopt them if they like. You might even end up with a beautiful Unicorn family like the one shown in the Gallery.


  • Appaloosa Plains is named after the American horse bread Appaloosa.
  • Old rabbitholes looks completly different than earlier.
  • There are several new rabbitholes
  • If you have Late Night installed the The Watering Hole Saloon is the default bar in town.


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