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Aging and Your Sims

Your Sims in TS3 have flexibility at your fingertips as far as aging goes. You can adjust the aging in your options bar to age quickly or as slowly as you please. TS3 gives you a little more flexibility on aging up a Sim. You are notified 2 days in advance at which time you can buy a Birthday Cake and have a small Family Party, or a larger Party Animal Party. As in TS2 upon blowing out the candles your Sim will age to the next age level. You can also right click the Birthday Cake and choose which Sim you would like to advance in age.


There are three ways to have a birthday (age up your Sim):


You can buy a birthday cake from the game menu:

  • Buy -> By Function -> Entertainment -> Parties

Any Sim can blow out the candles at any time - it doesn't even have to be their birthday. Once you let a Sim blow out the candles they will skip the rest of their current age and move on to the next instantly, so make sure you pick the right Sim!


If you want to just play and not worry about aging, this is the one for you. Everytime a Sim reach their natural birthday they will age up automatically. Remember you can control how quickly this happens with the Age Setting.


If you simply can't wait for your toddler to become a grown up and you're tired of ordering Cakes, it's time to cheat:

  • Press <CTRL-SHIFT-C> (or <CTRL-WINDOWS-SHIFT-C> in Vista) simultaneously to bring up the Cheat Console.
  • Type in testingcheatsenabled true.
  • Hold down <SHIFT> and click on the Sim you want to age up, then click "Trigger Age Transition".

Careful with cheats!

Once you've triggered the Age Transition cheat you can't cancel it. You can also only age Sims up - not back down again!

Age Groups

Icon Age Interactions Age Duration
IPregnantThis is where life begins.3 days
INewborn/BabyAt this stage their energy is low, you can change their diaper when dirty, and need to feed them to keep them full. At this Stage they also need social interaction.2 Days
IToddlerAt this stage they sleep a little less than a baby. They need fun Interactions so you need to play with them. Toddlers that are not potty trained will soil their diapers more than a baby and it will smell worse. Toddlers can be fed in a high chair or on the floor.7 Days
IChildAt this stage they go to school and can learn some Skills. They can leave the house and have a curfew at night. Children now have access to all socials but romantic ones.7 Days
ITeenAt this stage a Sim can learn any of the Skills available. They attend high school. At this point your Sim can interact with all socials except marriage and WooHoo. Teen Sims have a curfew but can try to break it if they dare. They can also have a part time job.14 Days
IYoung Adult and AdultAt this stage your Sim has all Social Interactions available including Marriage and WooHoo. They can get Jobs and have their Lifetime Wish in place. They can strive to work outside the home or earn money with the many at home earnings available.21 Days Each
IElderAt this stage your Sim can retire from Work. They can change careers not having to worry about money, they’ll have a pension. Unlike TS2 they can get full time jobs, or if they prefer work a part time job for fun. They need to stay active retired or not.Minimum 16 Days

Age Settings

You have the ability to set the length of your Sim's life to one of the following:

  • Short
  • Medium
  • Normal
  • Long
  • Epic.

You can change this setting at any point during the game with immediate effect. For those of you that wish to play forever, there is an in-game "No aging" setting found in:

  • Options -> Game Options

Did you know?

If you choose the Vegetarian Trait, your Sim's life span will be extended.

Age Duration Per Setting

Setting Baby Toddler Child Teenager Young Adult Adult Elder
Short 1 day 2 days 2 days 4 days 6 days 6 days 4 days
Medium 2 days 4 days 4 days 8 days 12 days 12 days 8 days
Normal 3 days 7 days 7 days 14 days 21 days 21 days 17 days
Long 6 days 15 days 15 days 30 days 45 days 45 days 34 days
Epic 30 days 75 days 75 days 150 days 225 days 225 days 180 days
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